Uimitoarele aventuri ale muschetarilor

Uimitoarele aventuri ale muschetarilor

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Uimitoarele aventuri ale muschetarilor torrent reviews

Jos M (us) wrote: Puhdistus is an affecting, dark story about two horrible stories in the span of five decades. Antti Jokinen potrays the horrific life of this two woman with unflinching eye to human pain, beautiful cinematography by Rauno Ronkainen, and terryfing performances from its cast, specially from leading lady Laura Birn.

Ethan H (it) wrote: Really deserves better than what it got. While not the best film out there, it also is a welcome addition to the Christmas genre after so many worse ones.

Misty S (ca) wrote: I need to watch this again. Can't really remember anything that happen.

David G (nl) wrote: My Life is very well acted, and it tells a good story, but it is a bit hokey and incredibly sad.Verdict: It's watchable. Pass the popcorn, please!!

Thiago C (mx) wrote: What to say? It's basically a masterpiece!

Ryan C (es) wrote: The sequel to Above the Law (at least I think it's a sequel) is about Mason Storm and how his wife and him died although he survived and woke up 7 years later after a coma. It might be my least favorite outta the 4 but it's still perfection. It had great one liners and it's a lot of fun.

Brett W (jp) wrote: Interesting little wartime treasure. Rex Harrsion is a scene-stealer as always, Carol Reed knows how to make a decent, if not lopsided, thriller for the ages. Not for everyone, but if you like british war films, this is a good one.

bill s (us) wrote: Starts out ok as a straight foward rescue story then goes totally off the rails when it adds the supernatural aspect.

Mayank A (gb) wrote: The movie starts off on a crawl and stays that way most of the way, only the stellar performance by Ian McKellen kept me going. It's only the last 15 minutes of the movie we get to see what all the build-up is about, it's a brilliant ending but not about solving a crime case but about saving a soul. The drama is about a 90 year old Sherlock Homes suffering from dementia while at the same time trying to recall his last case, the case which forced him to quit being a detective. The movie focuses on the person Sherlock Homes and not the detective, it deals on human emotions, on the significance of saying white lies instead of truth.

Ken S (us) wrote: This Christmas themed horror film based on the European legend of the titular character of "Krampus" is pretty good fun, if your a horror fan in need of a little bit of the season with their scares. The cast is quite good, and the visuals and sound design are top notch. Michael Dougherty, best known for his Halloween-themed Anthology horror film "Trick-R-Treat" has made another fine holiday treat, and he managed to channel a bit of Joe Dante into this modern Christmas Horror film. I'd love to see him make more films like these!