UKM: The Ultimate Killing Machine

UKM: The Ultimate Killing Machine

Waylon and Buddy decide to join the army as it appears to be their best option. But when they realize...

Waylon and Buddy decide to join the army as it appears to be their best option. But when they realize that they are part of a group that have been thrown into a medical experiment facility ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian C (au) wrote: Great concept let down by horrible editing and storytelling. Acting wasn't too great, but it was passable.Very disappointing as the tagline on the dvd cover was it was like Argento...and sadly it is NOTHING like his style and use of colour and suspense.There was zero drama in this lackluster movie.

John Joseph M (fr) wrote: It's not a patch on the first

The Critic (mx) wrote: Michael Moore does what he does best here, so there's nothing new for those familiar with his formula. That's not to say that 'Capitalism' isn't an insightful piece of filmmaking, but Moore's audience is perhaps limited in this instance.

cli o (jp) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Ted W (ag) wrote: Starts out as a ghost movie, but becomes something else with intense scenes about supressed, traumatic memories. Interesting allegory between the Christianity movement and Shamanism in Korean culture

Nate A (nl) wrote: Like 'The Lives of Others' or 'Goodbye Lenin', 'Since Otar Left' traces the disillusionment and struggle of people living in an ex-communist society attempting to adjust to forced entry into global capitalism. The son Otar migrates to France, despite having a medical degree in Georgia, to work without a visa in construction. The film however centers on three generations of women living back in Georgia, the lack of amentities, the poverty, and the desperation. However, Otar's sister and niece discover that Otar has died in an accident and have to hide it from their mother. Whilst I normally loathe the trite 'white lie out of love for family member' scenario, the film twists it. Beautifully shot, a classy soundtrack from Arvo Part, and strong performances build up the atmosphere of resigned melancholy.

Heith P (fr) wrote: Once you get used to the language, it's really an awesome movie.

Joseph B (es) wrote: Abbas Kiarostami's 1997 film "Taste of Cherry" is a beautiful minimalist film composed mostly of long shots and close-ups of characters speaking to one another in a car. The story is relatively simple enough. Mr. Badii (Homayoun Ershadi) drives around Tehran looking for someone to burry him after he commits suicide. Badii is willing to pay whoever the man is. He has dug a hole in the hills somewhere and plans to lay in it and take some pills, he asks that whoever helps him to return at a certain time and call down to him, if he responds pull him up, if he doesn't cover him with dirt. Badii deliberately drives around areas of town where men are out of work and looking for odd jobs. At first it is implied that he is a homosexual looking for sexual favors, but that quickly does not seem to be the case. He finds a few men who seem they could use the money, but they refuse to help him. He finally finds a Turkish taxidermist to help.There is no mention of why Badii wants to committ suicide and there is little known about his character. Where did he come from? What does he do? Where did he get that money to offer these people? But, is all that really needed in a film this good? Does a film always need to develop characters and provide as much backstory for them as possible so the audience can identify with them?"Taste of Cherry" is an Iranian film and Iran is a country that doesn't receive a lot of attention for their cinema, but recently Asghar Farhardi won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film for "A Separation" and even received a Best Original Screenplay Oscar nomination. It's safe to say that maybe Americans should consider more Iranian cinema.

Rave G (ca) wrote: Not the greatest movie, but all the cute little things Jared Leto does makes up for it and makes it all worth watching.


Zak S (ag) wrote: This movie is... dated. Like, really dated. Misogyny, cold war weirdness, not a very good film, pretty funny though even though it's not supposed to be. BLACK LEATHER, BLACK LEATHER, CRASH CRASH CRASH. Inside jokes galore w/ the guy I saw it with now though. So that's good. [1/5 STARS] [060312]

Leon B (jp) wrote: Review:Man, this film was long and extremely boring. Nothing seemed to happen all the way through the film and I really struggled to keep my eyes open. I can't really say what the film is about because I really lost interest after a while, but I think it's about two teachers who bring there worlds together of words and pictures by holding a competition in a school. Clive Owen, whose from the world of words, is a alcoholic who is fighting to keep is job and Binoche is from the world of pictures who hasn't got faith in her work. Its seemed more like a play than a movie because there's a lot of dialogue which I got bored of. The love story was a bit strange between the two characters and the tone was dull and it just seemed to drag after a while. That's not to say that the two top actors didn't play there parts well but I just didn't relate to there characters. I was extremely impressed with Binoche who was playing a disabled woman who found many different ways to do her paintings but it wasn't enough to save this drawn out movie. Disappointing!Round-Up:I think that the main problem that I found with the film was that I wasn't interested in the subject matter. The challenge between words and pictures is a good concept which could make a good film, but you really need to make the characters interesting. The chemistry between the two main characters was OK but they really came from two different world's which made them hard to connect. On the plus side, it's a different side to Clive Owen's acting style which we haven't seen in a while and he has proved that he take on any project, but this movie really didn't do it for me.Budget: N/AWorldwide Gross: $3.2millionI recommend this movie to people who are into their dramas about 2 teachers who are trying to bring there world's of words and pictures together, by holding a competition for there students. 3/10