Uku ukai

Uku ukai


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:30 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Lithuanian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Uku ukai 2006 full movies, Uku ukai torrents movie
  • Category:Short
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:KimHoaNg
  • Country:Lithuania
  • Director:Audrius Stonys
  • Writer:Audrius Stonys

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David R (de) wrote: a very nice family drama film, I enjoyed watching the story progress. Wish there was more romance but it was more about family

James (ru) wrote: Nothing to see here. Mindless gangster flick with no heart or soul. Take Kedar Williams out of the film and you have an instantly forgettable movie based around a group of overly manscaped 'youts' running around some of the grimier parts of London trying to find a stereotypical tv-gang willing to help them take down a hoodie army. Provides laughs in a 'so bad it's good' kind of way but nowhere near enough to make you want to endure an hour and a half of shoving matches.

Ole J (au) wrote: I thought the title sounded interesting, and without looking at the cast or the plot I just started watching. first of all I didn't it was based on real events and that was fun, I think they have put a lot of fiction in and spiced it up, but that made it fun to watch. I think especially Helen Mirren has a good part in this, but it is definitely also good to see Joe Pesci again and in a more serious role then I usually have seen him in, it fits him very well.I liked it, the movie was a bit of a mix of many different small stories, and it does get a bit to mixed at times, but all-in-all it was a good movie and I was entertained.

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Mark S (br) wrote: Very good documentary about quadriplegics playing full-contact wheelchair rugby. Gives a full picture of their lives, warts and all.

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Juli R (fr) wrote: This is a romantic comedy just like every other romantic comedy. It is actually a little better than some romantic comedies because there are good one liners. Overachieving women with zero current boyfriends will be able to relate to Lucy's orders for Chinese. "No, it's an order for one. Always for one."

Trae C (fr) wrote: A Woody Allen meets 12 Monkeys-ish film. Clever and intriguing. A great film to catch on Netflix.

Kellen C (us) wrote: I typically enjoy a good western movie, but this one hardly told us the story of Wild Bill Hickok. It was confusing and left too many holes in the story.

Justin B (us) wrote: Shockingly well made trash.

Jamie C (gb) wrote: Ok but predictable after the first, Just as fun for all the family.

Christian V (de) wrote: While not a good movie, better than anything that has come out of the completely un scary Scream movies. Plus seeing agent Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) from X-files play a psychopath is worth the hour and 51 minutes.

Grayson W (gb) wrote: Entertaining Steven king movie with the dad from the Munsters

Michael W (jp) wrote: The most aspect of this film is the way it depicts everyone involved. It does it's best to humanize both sides, developing their motivation, societies, and ideals. Never does it criticize or glorify anyone. Instead, it looks to understand where people are coming from and why they make the decisions they do.The result is an experience where one sympathizes with the people involved and becomes enraged that such a situation exists in the first place! Such a way of perceiving humanity is essential to finding mutual understanding and is every bit as applicable today as it was in the late 1960s.

David L (br) wrote: Melody Time is the fifth Disney package film and an unofficial sequel to Make Mine Music. It consists of seven unrelated stories. The first one is calledOnce Upon a Wintertime and it is a perfectly fine piece and one of the better segments in the film. The music and story are solid and, even though itis all pretty forgettable, it is at least somewhat entertaining. Bumble Boogie is the next segment which is totally in the style of Fantasia, featuringsurreal imagery and classic music. It is artistic, but pretty short and also forgettable.The film's third and probably most famous segment is The Legend of Johnny Appleseed. It is very long, clocking in at 17 minutes. It is about the pioneerwho introduced apple trees to large parts of America and in that regard, it is quite educational. It is engaging and it has some sort of characterization,but the narration often gets overwhelming.Little Toot is about a small tugbot who wants to be just like his father and it is pretty much the most childish segment here. It is one of the lesserefforts in the film owing to incredibly similarities with Pedro, a segment from Saludos Amigos. Trees is the next segment which is also in style of Fantasiawith dreamlike and melancholy imagery and no plot whatsoever. It also has an unfortunate feel of Blue Bayou from Make Mine Music to the point of a rip-off.Blame It on the Samba is the segment in which Donald Duck and Jos Carioca meet the Aracuan Bird, who introduces them to the pleasures of the samba.Is is a pleasant reminder of The Three Caballeros and Saludos Amigos and is one of the best segments in the film mostly owing to excellent music, the titularsong is phenomenal, very catchy and the most memorable piece in the whole film.The film's final segment is about Texas' famous hero Pecos Bill who was raised by coyotes and it is, at 22 minutes, the lenghtiest segment. This part isengaging and its ending is absurd, but also somewhat memorable. But it is not the best segment because of silly plot and irritating inclusion of live-actionfootage.Melody Time is pretty underwhelming, the animation is subpar, the music is so-so and the segments are incredibly unrelated, possibly the most of allpackage film. It is also very uneven, there are two segments which are very long and the rest are very short making it seem very uneven in the editingdepartment. But the inclusion of Donald is a nice touch and his segment is probably the best here owing to some superb music which is possibly the onlymemorable thing about this whole film. Pecos Bill and Johnny Appleseed are historical stories and most well-known of the bunch, but even they are notparticularly well-made. The whole affair was saved by a song Blame It on the Samba, Donald Duck and the overall entertaining aspect of the segments.All in all, Melody Time has its moments, but it is unfortunately slight stuff and possibly the worst of all package films.

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ANDERSON G (it) wrote: "Once Upon a Time in America" ??is an epic of Sergio Leone nearly four hours if I say that these four hours not tired, is a lie, but they do not weigh, after four hours you will remember the movie and do not understand how it is so long, that because Leone is careful to always entertain and let the curious viewer, with magnificent scenery, mounting incredible scenes, perfect screen elements, great costumes and sensational makeup, visually is impeccable, and Sergio Leone know well use the soundtrack that goes from John Lennon to the 9th Symphony of Beethoven, plus the original score composed by the legendary ennio Morricone. With good performances, nothing to surprise, the film tells the story of five boys who go this street robbers the main owner refueling and liquor command during the dry law, and are extremely sought after for various dubious natures services, this story has a strong emotional side, Sergio Leone abuses Flashbacks, and zoom in and out every scene as if you were recording one of his legendary Western movies, the only negative point here is to the script, even managing to tell a good story and managed to make a good connection between past and future through timelines out of chronology, it has some holes, and even with almost four hours, the film clearly had cut scenes, with characters that disappear and appear out of nowhere, and storylines that are beyond the context of the film. But overall, "Once Upon a Time in America" ??it is a great movie, a hot story to see, and full of stylistic features, in addition to being a work of Sergio Leone, author of the spectacular trilogy of dollars.

Jesse F (gb) wrote: It's a remake. What do you expect? It's predictable and badly acted but could have been a lot worse and it's definitely not the worst remake out there by far.