Ulee's Gold

Ulee's Gold

An elderly beekeeper and Vietnam vet must rescue his daughter-in-law and protect his grandchildren from killers.

The film tells about a reclusive beekeeper slowly pulls his dysfunctional family back together, but not without having to fight his son's previous dastardly cohorts. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris M (es) wrote: It's an interesting premise but yes, I do think the premise grows too ridiculous to take seriously. It's sad that movies with plots that are too "weird" are often down-graded, but the audience can only suspend their disbelief to a certain degree.

Joseph N (ca) wrote: Looks like Norm of the North had to get it's inspiration from somewhere.

Gwen M (au) wrote: Personally, I found the side of the freezer next to me more interesting than I found the film.

Sean M (kr) wrote: a nearly exact copy of Pitch Black plot wise.

Evan D (kr) wrote: Pretty typical indie film. A lame kid works as an executioner in a death row prison where is brother is about to be killed and also where his father died. He uses his knowledge of latin to solve his personal dilemas...blah blah. The best thing is that Jeremy Renner is in it.

Jake G (kr) wrote: YAWN, hippies smoking on a bus.

Zoran S (kr) wrote: Entertaining b-movie with a fantastic apocalyptic ending. It doesn't have much to say about anything, but it's very enjoyable.

City Lights b (es) wrote: ultra 60's movie that has become a quick fave.

Matteo N (fr) wrote: A masterpiece of the greatest director ever lived, Nra Livet presents the audience with three different points of view about pregnancy: there's a girl who definitely wants her baby, another one who doesn't want at all, and a third one who feels how the maternity can be a burden if not borne by a couple.

Audra A (mx) wrote: I absolutely love this movie. It is just so wonderful. It's like taking a trip on a time machine.

Andrew O (gb) wrote: Fascinating and gorgeous, Dark City may not have been successful at the time, but has remained to be one of the most visually influential films of its era.

David A (ag) wrote: Brutal, shocking, and terrifying; "Menace II Society" is a dark tale that dives us into the world of urban killing. It felt so real that it makes you question life. Can't believe some of these things actually happened in real life...

Zak M (jp) wrote: Pretty good movie but definitely a high school girl movie. Didn't have the stereotypical ending I had started to think it would have.

Sammy B (au) wrote: a Cute funny comedy. FUck the haters

Sean C (mx) wrote: It is strange to watch a film that will take your breath away one moment, intrigue with fascinating ideas the next, but also bore you to tears just as fast. I'm glad I saw it once.