After a long murder investigation, a police investigator finds the killer closer to home than he imagined.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1975
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   investigation,  

After a long murder investigation, a police investigator finds the killer closer to home than he imagined. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Movie W (au) wrote: In 1990, Tits (Tittensor) is a young man living in a working class area of Manchester known as "The Red Bricks". He spends his days drifting idly through school while his evenings alternate between visiting his dying father in hospital and practicing with his band. Along with his gang of mates, Tits is obsessed with The Stone Roses, a band who, for a very short time, were a huge phenomenon in the UK. The band are due to play what is being billed as "their ultimate gig", an outdoor concert held at the title location. Tits and his mates are desperate to attend, hoping to pass their demo tape to the band, but tickets are impossible to come by and fate seems to be conspiring against the lads.Should you decide to count the number of great films made on the subject of music, you'll likely end up with a few free fingers. The exceptions, Robert Altman's 'Nashville', Milos Forman's 'Amadeus', Hal Ashby's 'Bound For Glory', concern themselves with the musicians, rather than the music itself. The closest a film-maker has come to expressing the swell of emotion one feels when exposed to great music, outside of classic Hollywood musicals, is Bertrand Tavernier's 'Round Midnight'. Tavernier never allows his protagonist, played by Francois Cluzet, to tell us through dialogue why he's obsessed with Dexter Gordon's jazzman, instead it's written all over his face. The creators of 'Spike Island' employ no such nuance. Their protagonists constantly scream and shout their love of The Stone Roses, but they never quite convince us.If you're not a fan of the band in question, (personally I find their cult status baffling), Whitecross' film contains little to hold your attention. It's a soap opera affair, with each of the young protagonists struggling with their own cliched subplots. The father who wants his son to take over the family business against his will, the young man who can't express his feelings for the girl of his dreams, the teen stuck with an abusive father. For the most part, the cast, Clarke in particular, fail to sell themselves as working class Mancunians and the result is a film that feels like one of those "Yoof" dramas UK TV channels love to pump out, crossed with an episode of 'The Monkees'.

Des S (it) wrote: I wasn't sure I was going to like this, but it was a decent movie with a decent storyline. A few things could have been explained better and with a little better acting, but overall, it was good.

Matthew E (it) wrote: Is it a timeless classic or a big budget blockbuster? No. But considering the method of casting and budget this is a great movie. Funny, great soundtrack.

Mike M (ru) wrote: By no means chilly enough to deliver the Cronenbergian frissons promised by the title - a bigger influence would appear to be Eli Roth's "Cabin Fever" - it nevertheless pursues some intriguing, unexpected tangents... Writer-director Cowan gives his characters money and relationship issues to contend with as well as the obvious creepy-crawlies, and while the action sequences are strictly TV-level, the FX likewise, the ending is typical of a film with an engaging sense of mischief: one of the central quartet, who's brought her accordion to the island for some reason, is first introduced drawing a felt-pen moustache on the reluctant object of her affections.

Julin M (ca) wrote: Way back in 1991,before he realized he could rotate cameras, Gasper Noe made a short (38 minute) film that set the stage for two of his later works, I stand Alone and Irreversible. Only having to stomach less than hour as opposed to it's full length sequel is defiantly a plus.

PaulMarie D (ru) wrote: bien mieux que Oceans 12 !

Roberta W (gb) wrote: a cute and funny 50's romantic comedy that makes yourself somewhat want to become a maid to three children on a houseboat. Great for a watch when not in the best mood

Phil H (jp) wrote: This is probably one of the best comicbook characters that didn't actually start out as a comicbook character, he was in fact created by director Sam Raimi. Thinking about that its actually pretty impressive really, Raimi wanted to make a comicbook movie adaptation of one of the more well known existing characters but couldn't, so he just made up his own...kudos. What's even more impressive is the fact this character has gone on to become a popular cult comicbook franchise alongside Raimi's other famous creation Ash.The whole premise behind Darkman in my opinion is a humble beauty and the beast tale really. Obviously Liam Neeson's character gets horribly mutilated but what follows is very similar to that French fairytale. On the other hand you could also say the character is very similar to 'The Phantom of the Opera' both in plot terms and visualisation. I think its fairly easy to see how Darkman is visually similar to The Phantom with his face mask of bandages and black sweeping attire. His appearance also harks back to other classic dashing heroes of the 30's such as The Shadow and more so The Spirit in the 40's, the age old dark coloured fedora always looking the business. Yet another influence (in my opinion) for Darkman's look could be Universal's sci-fi horror icon The Invisible Man who literately wears the same outfit with bandages of course.The plot does kinda run along the same lines as 'Beauty and the Beast' or The Phantom. A disfigured man who hides in the shadows existing away from civilisation but watching them from a far at the same time. He has strong feelings for a woman whom he tries to protect and at the same time attempt to open up to her, but of course he cannot, he is conflicted inside over his hideous appearance. He is haunted by inner demons, how he is now treated and looked upon, and of course In this movie there is the added revenge and rage element against the mobsters that destroyed his life and face. Its the old winning formula of a hero (or anti-hero) who is scary for whatever reasons...but that fear draws you in, it intrigues you and makes you cheer for him.I remember when I first saw this movie back in my teen years I wrote it off as a blatant Batman-esque wannabe (foolishly). Back then I wasn't totally aware of Raimi's work and hadn't seen his Evil Dead movies so I thought the effects were crude and poorly done. Watching now, being wiser and more experienced with movies, its easy to spot those typical Raimi effects and sequences, his way of directing that had become his signature. Yes the effects are still crude looking (carnival mans obvious rubber fingers getting twisted by Westlake), much of the movie showcases really bad bluescreen and some of the movie just looks cheap, but it all has that glorious Raimi style that peaked with 'Army of Darkness'. The most expensive looking aspect of the movie to me seems to be the use of a helicopter towards the end.Did anyone notice that Darkman's burnt up face looks remarkably similar to Evil Ash's undead face in 'Army of Darkness'? The bottom of the jaw especially looks to be an almost identical design, still great looking though, the makeup and prosthetics are really effective in this film. I also really liked the tiny scene where Westlake's hands get fried in a wicked little stop-motion sequence. Its little touches like that that are pure Raimi and they look marvelous, plus its always nice to see the old methods being used. Looking back now the rage sequences in Westlake's mind are quite amusing too, its all very basic.On the whole this movie is in all honesty a bit poor visually and not exactly an original concept. The acting is passable throughout but clearly hokey, its a good job Larry Drake is so fantastically cool, evil and distinctive looking as the main bad guy Durant otherwise this may have sunk without a trace. I think the film could of done with some more action sequences at night, hence Dark...man. I realise this title isn't suppose to simply mean a dark brooding gothic type character, its more to do with his damaged psyche and where it leads him. But if ever a character did need some murky menacing action set amongst neon lit skyscrapers its this. Still, you gotta give big kudos to Raimi for thinking this colourful character up out of thin air, to look at this film you could easily be mistaken for thinking it was an adaptation of an already established comicbook character. That is a pretty solid achievement right there.

Isadore H (ag) wrote: Bill Murray is great in this film that manages to be be both gut busting funny and deeply emotional at different times. Most of the acting is okay, but it's strength lies in the script and direction it takes with being both family friendly and some crude humor thrown in.

Mo B (nl) wrote: Rating: 57%Funny, well-cast, ridiculous, and over-the-top, Jingle All the Way is a well-meaning holiday comedy whose uneven script and goofy characters can be passed on as just kiddy humor.

Ben A (ag) wrote: This film is one of my favourites. Those people moaning that it doesn't accurately portray the book have a point, but they are completely missing the point of the film.It's a loud, fast, action packed, ridiculous fun romp with some great comedy and a faint haze of satire in the background.If you want to be challenged by a film, steer clear but I enjoy this one every time I watch it. A great and unintentionally hilarious sci-fi.

Gareth M (mx) wrote: Another decent dance film thats not too gay to watch with mates (just have some drinks and a smoke too)

Official C (gb) wrote: Dark, brooding and sinister, "The Dark Knight" is not only one of the best superhero films of all time, but one of the best films of all time, delivering unforgettable moments and a spellbinding performance from Heath Ledger.

Bill B (es) wrote: Finally crossed it off the list of shame via a cheap copy that turned up at a local pawn shop. It's a fairly long-winded story overall, and I have to being straight up shocked that it took the director most of the film to finally get Tawny Kitaen to show some flesh, but I guess that's what I get for having expectations.Rental?