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Ulkatal torrent reviews

tanja n (fr) wrote: The firts movie was much better, but about this movie that i like is that they where in south africa and they showed a lot of south african culture...

Caitlin L (ca) wrote: Better than the original.

Anita R (ag) wrote: Not the best but a great ghost story and a great ending!

bill b (it) wrote: Very well made film,Great directing and very solid script even if its not the best ever.worth watching

Liam M (it) wrote: In ever sense of the word, a masterpiece.

Betsy H (fr) wrote: Ahhh, Bruce Campbell. You are a darling.

Justin O (gb) wrote: One of Seagals better flicks and performances, but a bit generic.

Sarfara A (mx) wrote: Tyrone Power plays the title character of the film Jesse James, and Henry Fonda plays Frank James (older brother Jesse James). When I started watching this film, I was really enthusiastic about it being color movie (probably 1939 movies were given this grand privilege, like Gone With The Wind and The Wizard Of Oz etc) and moreover Henry Fonda (one of my top favorite actor) playing the minor role. It did entertain me, to enjoy set-design of Old-West of Midland, the locations; yet there is something very important missing. As the movie is based upon real legend of the West, the notorious outlaw Jesse James, but the historical background of the film is set totally opposite the reality, which is distracting. The opening scene is all that impressed me, including Henry Fonda's take on four of the men, forcing his mother to sell her land for 2 dollars.

Steven W (es) wrote: I know this was a made-for-TV movie, but I actually thought this was a great film, set in Berlin in 1964 in an alternate timeline, where Germany has won World War II, and the whole of Europe (except Russia) is now an empire called Germania, ruled from Berlin by a 75-year-old Hitler. I like the idea that an SS officer (the SS now a peace-time police force) investigating the murder of several high-ranking Nazis, and discovered evidence that could bring down Hitler and the Germania empire, and the Gestapo, so determined to keep the war crimes committed during the war a secret, are destroying all evidence of them, and bumping off anyone with knowledge of this, and even those who even so much as get wind of this. What a film! Just a shame that this wasn't in the cinemas and was a made-for-tv movie. Great acting my Rutger Hauer and Miranda Richardson