Ultimate Guide: Dolphins

Ultimate Guide: Dolphins

Conveying a sense of freedom, fun, grace, compassion, peace and beauty, the charismatic dolphin appears to defy the laws of physics with its speed and maneuverability. Dolphins may possess a seventh sense humans barely understand.

Conveying a sense of freedom, fun, grace, compassion, peace and beauty, the charismatic dolphin appears to defy the laws of physics with its speed and maneuverability. Dolphins may possess a seventh sense humans barely understand. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Davey M (kr) wrote: Wow. One of the best American children's films ever. Uses the formula to offer a fairly wide-ranging (and still entirely family friendly) view of a time and place, giving voice to the voiceless populations of pre-WWI Britain: the poor and poverty-stricken, the soldiers, the women, the animals (of course), even a traveling dwarf puppeteer (Peter Dinklage)--and, most especially, children. It's smart, sensitive stuff, beautifully woven into a remarkable script, executed with jaw-dropping production values and terrific performances (O'Toole in particular), completely earning the sentiment--by the end it packs quite a punch, integrating the birth of Christ (who, after all, came first to the shepherds and the animals) into what is already a deeply and compassionately democratic story. Extraordinary stuff.

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MacDara C (us) wrote: (Watched Sat 03 Mar 2007)

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