Dina Bonnevie played a Filipina working with a US-based chemical company which sent a team to the Philippines to check a branch here. Eddie Garcia played the Chief of Police assigned to ...

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Walter M (us) wrote: In "Bachelorette," Regan(Kirsten Dunst) is initially taken aback when her friend Becky(Rebel Wilson) tells her she has gotten engaged to Dale(Hayes MacArthur). But she soon collects herself and rallies their friends Katie(Isla Fisher) and Gena(Lizzy Caplan) to be bridesmaids, even though Gena did not ever want to see her ex, Clyde(vodka spokesperson Adam Scott), again. But things do not go well with the obligatory male stripper and get even worse when they wreck the wedding dress the night before the wedding. "Bachelorette" is a fast paced comedy with a talented cast, especially Lizzy Caplan who with the best moments in the film proves that 'Masters of Sex' is no fluke. That's not to mention the skinny women being the screwed-up ones for once. But then the movie takes this too far, not only in the department of why people write about characrers they have obvious disdain for, but also implies that the only reason the bridesmaids are not married yet is because they are so screwed up. Personally, movies have to do better than this and make more progressive statements than it is okay for women to behave badly. Because otherwise all you are left with here is a particularly vulgar afterschool special. And correct me if I'm wrong but that has to be the most demure New York City strip club.

BRUNO V (ca) wrote: Nice fights from Luke , and like chasing the bad guys-story The Ending from the movie came very suddenly ...to suddenly

Paul P (us) wrote: Very funny if you like his TV show

Jeff C (fr) wrote: Pretty good story and interesting how 90% of the backgrounds were shot in CG

Dorothee T (br) wrote: This movie was so cute and funny with a side of romance! On of the favs!

Becs D (ag) wrote: I am never quite convinced whether I love or hate this film. It's weird, unique and filled with odd humour, which is often a pull for me, but somehow I feel it's more like something you feel compelled to keep watching because of it's alternative qualities.

Thiago C (kr) wrote: Amazing! One of the best adaptations ever!

Michael (ag) wrote: Short time is an excellent movie. A great script. Dabney Coleman is awesome! Also, fuck Bullitt, fuck Ronin, fuck Smokey and the Bandit, fuck any other movie where people think it's the greatest chase scene. Short Time has THE greatest car -chase scene in movie history.

Darko V (br) wrote: Klaus Maria Brandauer is great!!!

David H (us) wrote: This is a Masterpiece of Spanish Exploitation funny and disturbing at same Time this Undead Templers are funny and ugly Evil Creatures and its also a Critism on the Catholic Church of the Middle Age with all its crazy and dangerous Cults and of the Horror who lurks down on quiet Village People

Freddy M (gb) wrote: A tense, claustrophobic film that is a must see for fans of Seventies thrillers. A fantastic twist ending.

Anna B (gb) wrote: Up to the third act I enjoyed this, it felt quite real, but it took a weird turn that I felt came out of nowhere, and not in a good way, so it lost points there. The transfer was also of an inferior quality, so that didn't help; fuzzy images, even fuzzier, almost indistinct sound. Desperately needs a remaster.

Pavan R (ru) wrote: Psychotic love at its best....tells us...Nothing comes for free....good performances

Maj G (ag) wrote: The first Sherlock Holmes movie in the series that I saw. Got hooked instantly!

Scott R (mx) wrote: A novel idea that has been remade multiple ways with the lonely AZ gas station getting unique visitors some of which are criminals and they hold them all hostage. Bogart is a good villain and the theme of reign and sowing good deeds shows the idealism of the time.

Mike V (ru) wrote: A superb romantic drama featuring solid performances, especially from Ledger, and excellent direction from Lee. The complexity of the relationships between various characters, including both physical and emotional, is one of the movie's strengths. Also featuring some beautiful and fitting music, this is my favourite film of 2005. AAN 1001

Raymond C (es) wrote: Agewise? This movie is starting to feel applicable.

Clay C (br) wrote: In recent deep analyzation of the book Lord of the Flies in our senior Comp class. We read the book analyzing each chapter at a slow pace followed by a 1,000 word essay to review the book. After this five week process of diving into this book we decided to watch this movie. We enjoyed how they captured the island and the jungle on the island. Also the scene where the boys were chanting around the fire being savages. It started off when they didn't like how the plane did not crash onto the island and how they rowed the raft onto the island. As compared to the book were they crashed onto the island and left a big scare on the island. Another criticism we have of the movie is how Americanised the boys are with how they cussed and how in the end of the book. Also Jacks over sexual comments and In the book they are British boys not American. Last of many criticisms that we have towards this movie is how the pilot survived the crash and was on the island with the boys. Like seriously what were they thinking with that? So overall this movie was very far away from the book. If you read the book you would not approve of the movie at all. So Suck to your movie.

Randy P (fr) wrote: What the hell? Did I just watch a snuff film!