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Ultimo torrent reviews

Rodrigo A (it) wrote: Obscenely gorgeous and excessively stylized, this would almost not work if it wasn't for the emotional resonant drama Xavier Dolan frames in all the right ways and a stand out performances all around (with particular emphasis on a raging Suzanne Clment), it all ends up turning a love story into a sweeping melodrama epic about identity, conformism and love that for better or worse refuses to die. Any regrets Laurance?

Ktai M (gb) wrote: erdemes a Cinemax musorat bongeszni.... egyszercsak effele josagokra bukkan az ember

Noname (ru) wrote: Great drama with some thriller moments aswell. Story was very good and superb acting of all the cast. Joaquin Phoenix have always made good movies so far. If u looking for a good drama this one won't let u down , i enjoyed it.

Jason B (ag) wrote: An interesting doc about the horror genre of the 60's & 70's through the eyes to the creators and how politics, social behavior, and sex influenced their film making.

Andrew G (br) wrote: Visually entertaining and dripping with potential, but the plot itself never seems to come together despite the excellent performances by Depp and Holm.

Carolyn G (ru) wrote: Great chemistry between Bullock and Affleck fizzled with a very disappointing ending.

Lanky Man P (fr) wrote: A hilarious, disturbing, tasty, drive-in classic.

Kris B (fr) wrote: Whaaaaat? I thought this was a 90s classic with many, at the time, first questioning why Woody Harrelson got his role but maybe because everyone was still used to see him as the idiot-full-of-heart, Woody, on the lng running hit show Cheers

Weaam M (br) wrote: Poor story! although it's based on a rich true story, there's some fun as Bill Murray is there, and some sight seeing as Morocco is there.