Ultimul cartus

Ultimul cartus


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Romanian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:espionage,   sequel,   hostage,  

A continuation of a story started in the drama "With Clean Hands" (1972). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mackenie H (au) wrote: Perhaps not for the average movie viewer, but this film takes an unique and dark interpretation of Peter Pan and delivers it to modern audiences. Although the rich LGBT-context and the less than high quality cinematography (I felt at times like I was watching a shoddy Youtube-quality video), I very much enjoyed this re-imagining.

Leon B (au) wrote: Review:After looking at the poster for this film, I thought that it would be half decent but none of the big actors are actually in the film that much. The film is about a professional gambler called Jack Daniel, played by George Eads, whose approached by a man in a casino with a proposition that is hard to pass up. With all of his debts piling up, Jack calls the guy and ends up spending the whole night with him, in a strip bar and then he goes back to his house and finds out that all is not what it seems. After a bad accident, he ends up in deep trouble so he turns to Seagal for help, who he owes money to. This is one of those cheap movies which has a terrible storyline. The director had loads of chances to make it interesting but the whole concept was just too unrealistic. The acting wasn't that great and it seemed to go round and round in circles. On the plus side, it's quite short so it gets right on with it from the beginning but it goes nowhere fast and I got fed up with it after a while. Disappointing!Round-Up:After watching a couple of Seagal movies lately, I thought that I would give his films a chance but they all seem cheap and badly put together. It seems like Seagal, Vinnie Jones, Danny Trejo, Ving Rhymes Christian Slater, Cuba Gooding Jr etc, all use the same agent because they all make the same type of, straight to DVD, low budget movies that are quite bad. There must be an audience that actually enjoy these films because they do produce a lot of them but I personally only watch them for a laugh because they are so awful. Anyway, I thought that this was going to be about gambling, with loads of violence but it was just about a man who has to get himself out of a tricky situation. Seagals scenes weren't bad but I won't be watching it again in a hurry.I recommend this movie to people who are into their thrillers about a gambler who ends up in a impossible situation after sleeping with a sketchy man's wife. 3/10

Bryan M (ca) wrote: And the terrible mess of low-budget horror continues...

Dave S (mx) wrote: One of the worst written comedies I've ever been forced to sit through. Make no mistake, ANYONE who gives this a positive review has the sense of humor of an infant. A great film to judge someone's sense of humor by; if you found this funny, I'm willing to bet any amount of money that you couldn't make another person laugh to save your life.

Beth O (au) wrote: A bit predictable, and the CGI was baaaaaaaaad!

Stewart F (nl) wrote: Nice little film, well acted and well written. Eric Cantona is a revelation. Hugh Bonneville is underrated.

Simon D (gb) wrote: Naomi Watts and Vincent Cassel in a film together is enough for me. The story is alright and it does get pretty brutal at times. It's about the Russia mafia in London, so unless you've seen other films on this subject then I guess you'd agree it's quite an original plot. Surprisingly, it doesn't resemble any of the crap British cockney gangster films at all; they did well to steer clear of that Guy Ritchie style rubbish.

Hobie P (jp) wrote: For the 5th film in the series,this has to be the finest Shark Attack film in the series.

John K (br) wrote: Deals with the very real realities of dog cocaine addiction

Ricky J (ag) wrote: This movie is okay.The action scenes are decent.


Naomi S (jp) wrote: Beautiful and bizarre. Anyone want to go to Iceland?!

Kari P (ag) wrote: Creepy psychological profile of a couple young men who try out murder for fun.

Salma G (br) wrote: love it and it's hilarious

Bill C (au) wrote: The ongoing development of the genre by the likes of Sergio Leone, Robert Altman, Arthur Penn, and Sam Peckinpah is thrown in reverse by this juvenile effort from Lawrence Kasdan. The Stagecoach from Red River to Deadwood definitely does NOT stop in Silverado!