What would Jesus do if he returned to Earth and discovered he could no longer relate to the youth of today?

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Ultrachrist! torrent reviews

Marilyn P (it) wrote: It wasn't at all what I expected from reading the description of the movie. It was better than I anticipated!!

Peerawee P (fr) wrote: action was more than fine but there wasn't enough of it. story fails on it's face.

Mauro M (nl) wrote: Good acting, good plot.

Charles F (es) wrote: For the first 45 minutes or so, "Freakdog" is a pretty decent film. Once the plot really gets moving, however, things start to fall apart in countless different ways. It's as if halfway through the process the writers decided to throw logic and reason out the window in favor of a completely nonsensical script. It's a shame because, like I said, Freakdog starts out pretty entertaining. That's not to say, even this part of the film is admirable in any way, but it works at least. Just the idea of a group of friends partying one fateful evening only to wind up with a dead body on their hands, whereas the rest of the movie is about the cover up, is a story that's been told so many times that its lost almost all of its appeal. There was Very Bad Things (1998) with Christian Slater and directed by Jon Faverau, which was stollen from a less star-studded independent film Stag (1997), directed by Gavin Wilding, a made for HBO movie. Guess which one is better. That's right, the one without Christian Slater in it. More recently, there's another movie, I forget the name, which features a bunch of college age kids with a similar to dilemma on their hands. Seriously, it couldn't have been that great if I can't even remember its name. And now we have Freakdog (or Red Mist, which makes even less sense than the original entry). The only thing this new admission has to say for itself is in the form of a gory supernatural violence that continues after the first kill. Sometimes it can feel like modern day producers and directors are trying to speak to the spectator, yet what they have to say doesn't amount to much. Look over there, blood and guts. Hey, you can see his insides. Yawn. In a culture as overly desensitized to violence and bloodshed as ours, with air force pilots conducting drones from the safety of a military bunker halfway across the globe, and Mortal Kombat Doom Nuke 'Em variety video games up the wazoo, is it any wonder... I mean, is it any wonder that the modernists and their call to "shock the bourgeoise" has come to this? The vulgarization of art has taken on new venues for exploration that aren't necessarily praiseworthy. Even the title bothers me. it shouldn't read "Freakdog" it should be FreakDOC (because they're doctors, you dig?). Is it watchable? I say, yes. It's better than some other entries out there that I haven't reported on, mostly because I was too bored to watch all the way through to the end.

Brock H (ru) wrote: Normally I'm not one to enjoy vampire movies. However, the movie tells about a unique relationship between two children which I found very enjoyable. I found the horror elements worked perfectly with the relationship as it showed how both of them have a dark side. Each scene was original and was also helped by a good soundtrack. I would highly recomend this movie.

Bjrn T (es) wrote: could be a lot better...

Brandon K (au) wrote: Really dug this movie. It's funny, playful, and it surprises you about halfway through with a more serious turn. Hurray for short guys!

Benedict H (kr) wrote: bergman's first film with rossellini. spectacular tuna fishing sequence, authentic view of rural life, but a bit melodramatic.

Baurushan J (br) wrote: The story is about Lisa played by Reese Witherspoon who is an athlete and now with her identity in crisis, she begins to regain it by dating Matty played by Owen Wilson who is a baseball player and a womanizer. Meanwhile, George played by Paul Rudd is on the road to financial ruin and in order to clear his name and reconcile his relationship with his father Charles played by Jack Nicholson, George now starts dating Lisa.. As you can see, the plot is very boring because it's a rom-com about another love triangle. Having watched this movie in the year it was released, I barely remember anything from the film. This love triangle cliche was popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s but now is getting silly, stupid, dated and there's no reason to exist. Finally, this drama/romance/comedy is so damn forgettable as you can see, everyone would give the outline of a plot but I gave the outline of a outline which makes it worse. How Do You Know? gets a 5/10.

Marco F (ag) wrote: I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE might be the least pleasant experience I've ever had watching a movie. It is a vile, disgusting and contemptible exercise in shame from beginning to end. Upon learning the backstory of why director Meir Zarchi made this movie, I have discovered in total clarity that this is a movie that was made in human anger, contempt and frustration on Zarchi's part. Simpletons like him should not be making movies. If he set out to make the audience feel bad- which I can't honestly believe- he failed on that note, too- because there is no entry point for the audience to become emotionally involved in the film. Showing scenes of a woman being raped multiple times and then getting her violent revenge- all for no good reason other than to I guess entertain is totally sick and contemptible. This irreponsible idiot ended up making a movie that could not do anything other than offend, not to make people think. Why would anyone with morals want to think about suffering when presented to them in the way it is presented here?The film is about a city woman who goes on a vacation to a forest in upstate New York to examine herself, or something (this isn't really explained or built upon). Then, she comes across 3 (and then eventually a fourth) men- who strip her naked, and rape her- 4 times- all in long, excrutiating detail. She then gets her revenge in nasty, graphic detail against the men- none of whom are developed as characters. And that's it. Nothing else here.Some people have described this film as feminist. It is not feminist. Feminists (and everyone else) should stay as far away from this movie as possible. It is not anti-masculine. It is not anti-rape. It is not anti-sexual assault. It is not pro or anti-revenge. This movie doesn't care about any of those things. Its indifferent attitude is one of two things I hate so much about it.The other thing I really hate about this film is that it is a completely pointless, artless exercise in human suffering. There isn't a story- it's just a stunningly simplistic exercise of cutting scenes together of human suffering in the most vile and contemptible way possible. This is a completely hollow film. This is a completely bankrupt film- bankrupt of morals, bankrupt of intelligence, bankrupt of sophistication, bankrupt of human feeling and bankrupt of positivity. It is an inhuman, sick film. All this completely mindless, contemptible, disgustingly vile film is is a freak show. Basically- all its about is about the darkest natures of humankind- with no insight, no intelligence or no spin put on this material- it is played dead straight. None of the characters are developed. There is no actual story here. They are just pawns on Zarchi's chess board made entirely from a cesspit of twisted and depraved values- and that is an insult to chess boards. You know why this movie is the way it is? It is because Zarchi is too stupid, incompetent and simplistic a person to understand any of the themes that are dealt with in this movie. Game over.