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Ultraman torrent reviews

Tom L (fr) wrote: The story is crap, the characters are annoying and mean-spirited, the music is the only tolerable thing. Biggest movie that I hate but everyone else loves.

Joo A (nl) wrote: How did a guy that was in Robocop end up in this kinda crap? The plot is ludicrous, the dialogue is dumb and unimaginative. It's just bad.

Ben A V (ag) wrote: What a funny, charming movie. I wonder why it didn't do better?

Imtia M (mx) wrote: Only 46%, may be the critics are not yes man at all , lol !

Dustin C (de) wrote: I only made it 15 min and HAD TO STOP! Another HORRIBLE Gay Movie!

megatrron r (de) wrote: eh. i was under the impressio0n this was a zombie flick but it really wasnt. that aside i wasnt really all that impressed with it though it had its moments

Zombie M (kr) wrote: Once again, only see the MST3K version of this film.

Kevin R (ca) wrote: I laugh everytime I watch it. I love this movie.

Jaume F (ca) wrote: One of my all time favourite movies. It's not for everyone, just for selected people with fresh and clever sense of humour. If you don't like, don't feel so bad, maybe in your next life you'll get the joke.

Farah R (gb) wrote: The unexpected bloodbath at the end makes up for the aggravating pace in this uniquely crafted psychological thriller. Kusama has a way of introducing these characters and building suspense when the situation hardly calls for it which results in creating a certain mood that hasn't been seen before. I really wanted to like it more than I did but it was just too slow for my taste.

Joe S (mx) wrote: Pretty intense film. Which is pretty impressive when you realize. How much is implied as opposed to laid right out

Christopher S (it) wrote: I despise country music.