Um Caipira em Bariloche

Um Caipira em Bariloche

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Buddy A (es) wrote: BOTTOM LINE: My uncle insists on having me sit through these crappy SyFy movies in the hopes that I'll find a good one. Guess what? "Lake Placid 2" was released straight to DVD, it has one instantly recognizable cast member (Cloris Leachman), and it's a piece of shit. 'Nuff said.

Mark N (nl) wrote: As a student level film where they learn the craft of movie making by, unoriginaly, aping knowing slasher movies it a home movie curio. As a movie for others to watch its beyond tiresome. The mostly inexperienced cast execute excruciating roles reasonably but are unable to battle through to make a noteworthy performance or scene.

Kimberly W (de) wrote: This movie is very cheesy as far as chick flicks go

Asif H (ru) wrote: Spirited performance from Karisma Kapoor and a frightening performance from Nana Patekar.

Bob W (ag) wrote: Basically, this is "Another Charade" with the same Hitchcock-esque romance, humor, playful suspense, etc. Except in place of Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn, it's Peck and Loren. The plot is kind of 60's mod silly, bordering on camp at times, but mildly entertaining, especially if you are a fan of the actors.

Guy W (gb) wrote: Much more enjoyable than the previous 2 films in the series.

Daniel C (kr) wrote: Not the best De Niro film, but not the worst. The large amounts of plit holes in the movue cannot be filled by the unsatisfying finale.

Lisa J (ru) wrote: I saw this so long ago, I barely remember it. I'll have to watch it again.

Ian B (au) wrote: Very little vampires, more like space zombies. Extremely slow Star Trek rip off with a small bit of gore. Some exciting scenes dont make up for the rest.