Um Dia na Vida

Um Dia na Vida

The documentary tracks 19 hours of broadcasting from several brazilian TV channels making live surfing between channels. The result was edited latter.

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Um Dia na Vida torrent reviews

Siriporn P (mx) wrote: Extremely funny. LOL.

Paul D (es) wrote: Slow musical themed drama, which is mainly about the various relationships that exist amongst the musicians, rather than the music itself.

Aiu N (ca) wrote: Very heartwarming movie! It works. :) I loved it.

Camille L (us) wrote: Ne ressemblant en rien a ce qu'il a pu faire auparavant, "Une Histoire Vraie" est quand meme un des meilleurs films de l'excellente filmographie de David Lynch. En plus d'etre interpretee par d'excellents acteurs, celle collaboration David Lynch - Walt Disney Studios est touchanet, tres souvent drole, jamais ennuyeuse malgre son synopsis peu engageant (un septuagenaire qui traverse l'Amerique profonde en tondeuse a gazon pour voir son frere qu'il n'a pas vu depuis 10 ans) et porte par une excellente composition d'Angelo Badalementi. Une reussite totale.

Chris P (mx) wrote: Very touching film. Not your typical Bollywood movie. Human Rights - gay rights - compassion deep stuff - a true human dramawith some light lovely music.

Chad D (ag) wrote: Decently plotted, Godsend may not be the best horror film of late, but does make rare horror movie-goers jump at times.

Haberdasher Z (it) wrote: ok, this is the first Svankmajer film I saw and although I'm impressed with truly bizzare fetishes (yeah, I was a sceptic at first) and love the structure of the film, I feel like there's something missing. I just can't put my finger on what that is.

Sarah K (nl) wrote: [b]Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin [/b]

Christopher B (br) wrote: Exceptional idea, written well. Top notch special effects, and voyeurism, for the time. Ray Milland working with Corman was a great idea - with a believably low Don Rickles.

Craig H (au) wrote: maybe the best made for t.v. movie ever produced