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Umang torrent reviews

Carly P (ru) wrote: Loved this movie. A great Australian movie based on Aussie Rules. A must see for any footy finatic!

Cris C (us) wrote: Looks like The Riches, but with teeth.

Jason D (it) wrote: Told in cinema-verite style (Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield, etc), Penance follows a young mother Marieh Delfino (Jeepers Creepers 2) who, along with best friends Garrett Jones (Automaton Transfusion) and Eve Mauro (Wicked Lake), document her sob story life of working at a women shelter, living in a dump house, and caring for a sickly child in order to get on one of those extreme makeover shows. Her desperation leads to stripping alongside friend Mauro, who both engage in a bad learn-to-strip montage. Finally, Delfino fills in for Mauro in a secretive job that has weird written all over it when a mysterious chauffeur (played by Candyman's Tony Todd) takes her (and Jones) to an unknown hospital where her and other strippers are drugged up and put through rigorous tests by mad doctor/religious nut Graham McTavish (Rambo) for no apparent reason. Also along for the ride is Michael Rooker (channeling his infamous Henry character) who plays an equally psychotic henchman. This movie has its moments, but overall, it overdoes the theory of torture porn. I hate the term torture porn more than anything else. It's stupid and its a myth, but Penance comes off as a film made by people who really think that myth exists. The use of cinema-verite is clever, as well as putting greats like Tony Todd and Michael Rooker in fun roles helps the movie out as well, however, there are many unnecessary and overlong scenes. Had they trimmed the movie down about 20 minutes, it would have helped. The sense of dread and terror is effectively used, as well as the blood and gore, which is substantially low save for two VERY squeamish scenes involving genitalia (on both male and female). Lots of great elements are misused, leading to a sub-par horror film. Look for small, pointless roles from James Duval (Donnie Darko) as a attempted rapist, and Lochlyn Munro (Freddy vs. Jason) and Jason Connery (son of Sean; actor, director, etc) as two lawmen midway during credits.

Cecilia L (fr) wrote: very inspiring and touching.. Bernadette Peters and Regina King are two brilliant actresses who hold the movie together with their emotional acting. sometimes tv movies do not mean they're crap. this is one fine example.

Reema A (es) wrote: very cute little movie =]

Dan O (it) wrote: A little too quirky for it's own good, but a nice look at growing-up, and how hard it is when you have a stutter. Think of it as the younger-son of The King's Speech.

Stella A (mx) wrote: Baeutiful but sad movie. Is shown on tv tonight, so gonna watch it another time

Abilash G (ca) wrote: "Melvin Goes to Dinner" is a movie directed by Bob Odenkirk (Mr. Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry Sanders Show) and based on the play Phyro-Giants. It centers on a dinner meeting between 4 quasi-strangers whose conversations shed light on the mysterious connections between then.These 4 people--2 guys and 2 girls--excel in the art of conversation. You'll be pulled into their discussions on such topics as threesomes, infidelity, anal sex, ghosts, and god. All frankly admit to the varying degrees of dysfunction that characterize their relationships, but they retain some hope: I think they are partly inspired by the stimulation and camaraderie that results from their chance meeting. Moreover, each person valiantly struggles to find his or her way romantically, refusing to be confined by any common notion of what constitutes a "normal" love affair. After all, it's possible to see both dysfunction and joy in just about any relationship.The film features cameos by Jack Black, David Cross, and Maura Tierney. Black and Cross offer absurd comic relief, respectively, as a disturbed mental patient complaining that "God knocked me off my pterodactyl" and a self-help guru asserting that "Successful people need my course the most."And although a movie made up mostly of conversations might seem boring, there are twists aplenty. One revelation leads to another, which leads to another, finally revealing the clandestine connections that have brought the 4 together in the first place. I really enjoyed this film, and I would recommend that you check out "Melvin Goes to Dinner" if you're a fan of other dialogue-driven fare, such as movies directed by Richard Linklater or Neil LaBute.

Joanna P (it) wrote: I love Shirley Temple

Jake W (ag) wrote: Wahlberg does an exceptional job in this touching true story of the little guy trying to play the sport he loves. An ode to all the Rudys out there.

Harper C (gb) wrote: Tells a good story with a positive outcome

John R (au) wrote: Despite the additional cheesiness, it still has quite a bit of entertainment value in itself.

Adrian M (ru) wrote: Another pretty, yet hard to watch movie that I couldn't make it all the way through.

Tracey c (it) wrote: Billy the Kid: I made you a promise, Mr. Tunstall. Now I'm making myself a promise. It says in the Bible, "The candle of the wicked shall be put out."