Un 32 août sur terre (1998) torrents full movies


Un 32 août sur terre

Young Simone gets hit by a near fatal car crash, and as she questions her mortality, she also decides to have a baby. Her candidate for a father is her best friend Phillipe who happens to ...

Un 32 août sur terre is the best movies torrent of Denis Villeneuve. This movie was introduced in 1998. We can counted many actors in this movies torrent, for example Paule Baillargeon, Emmanuel Bilodeau, Pascale Bussières, R. Craig Costin, Joanne Côté, Frédéric Desager, Estelle Esse, Lee C. Fobert, Venelina Ghiaourov, Richard S. Hamilton, Marc Jeanty, Alexis Martin, Evelyne Rompré, Ivan Smith, Serge Thériault. There are many categories, such as Romance. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 6.8 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. The runtime of this movie are awesome, about 88 minutes. Fakyougo is good uploader, he is very fast. You should spend more time to watch this movie. If we must use one word to describe about this movies torrent, I think it should be 'Excited', so what is your opinion. Do you know what are customers? ShinichiKuto is the best. I don't push my iPhone screen. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

. . Her candidate for a father is her best friend Phillipe who happens to . Young Simone gets hit by a near fatal car crash, and as she questions her mortality, she also decides to have a baby

Un 32 août sur terre torrents

Un 32 août sur terre full movie

Un 32 août sur terre1998 torrent

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Users reviews

Adam S (kr)

Both Hawks and Wyler would emerge from the film to make the best work of their careers. Most consider the making of this film, in which director Howard Hawks was fired by Samuel Goldwyn after taking advantage of Goldwyn's medical leave to totally rework the original Edna Ferber novel for his own means (replaced for the last two weeks by a reluctant William Wyler), to be more interesting than the film itself, but there are enough Hawksian touches (comparable especially to the previous "Barbary Coast"), brilliant Gregg Toland cinematography, and Oscar winner Walter Brennan in a thick Swedish accent, to make it an enjoyable, if compromised melodrama

Alexander C (br)

Looks interesting will try to find and watch!

darryl c (ru)

rupert everett and iam holm play well also as the main men in ellis' troubled short life. miranda richardson made a helluva debut as ruth ellis, the last woman to be hanged in england

Elise P (fr)

All dialogue was improvised and this works well, feels very authentic, especially coupled with the hand held camera documentary style. Funny, good performances

Jon H (mx)

atch it anyway for the cast!. Altho the story is interesting, it's also needlessly confusing. Chicago (yes, "If You Leave Me Now" Chicago) armed with shotguns. Robert Blake as a motorcycle cop vs

Juan Diego L (us)

Increble, el suspenso es muy bueno y las actuaciones son impecables, los personajes son muy buenos e interpretados

McKinney W (it)

Unexpectedly good. Just stumbled across this flick and had heard nothing about it

Philip C (it)

Folles succeeds where many films have completely failed because they take the gay taboo by the horns and throw it out the window by fully embracing its-gay side?. Despite the one choppy and messed up shot and the disappointing waste of potential in the last act of the film, La Cage Aux Folles is a genuinely intelligent and hilarious comedy that not only works because of the greatly talented actors within the cast, but more importantly the looseness of the gay stigma that so many American films seem to have failed to grasped. Andrea(TM)s father finds out that Laurent(TM)s parents are two gay men, he(TM)s in disbelief for all of five minutes and then after a quick and sudden escape there(TM)s the wedding and then it(TM)s all over. More bang for their buck would have worked in this instance. There was so much potential with this last scene where the possibilities for awkward jokes and more cross-dressing could have had a much better pay-off. I was hoping that Simone would return and then Renato would try his best to keep the game going for as long as he could like trying to convince everyone that Simone was really Laurent(TM)s long-lost aunt or something to that effect. No? I saw the whole thing? When Simone returns home to be Laurent(TM)s mother and everyone finds out that Albin is really a man, I felt that he was discovered too quickly. Um, sorry could you please rewind it? I think I blinked and missed the ending. Then they(TM)re discovered and within about all of three minutes the film ends and that(TM)s it. The two camps meet and all sorts of hilarious and awkward jokes ensue as the gay men try their very best to keep their ruse afoot. The third act is the actual meeting of the two groups which is great because here is where the climax of the film is. So the first two acts are the initial set-up of the characters and them preparing to meet the parents of their prospective daughter in law. One of the things though that really did bother me was the last ten minutes or so of the film. The awkwardness of the characters and the situations that they find themselves in are the driving force of the film and in this film(TM)s case that is completely fine with me. While I do agree to a certain degree that a comedy can(TM)t just thrive off awkwardness on its own, it doesn(TM)t need to be a variety of different things either. I know some people who don(TM)t consider awkward moments? in films as real comedy? and that they need more clever humour and set-ups to work to be funny?. One minor point of caution with that though, is there comes a point when filming solely awkwardness can become dangerous territory. The film was full of awkward moments at dinner where there was a whole lot of set-up with quite a few loveably dumb characters who make stupid choices that make the audience laugh through uncomfortable awkwardness. Another thing that I liked about the film was that it felt very similar to another French film entitled Diner du Cones? (which has also been remade in the US called Dinner for Schmucks?). Interesting little piece of information: Nathan Lane who takes on the gay role of Serrault in the remake also plays a gay man in a guest appearance on an episode of Modern Family with Stonestreet(TM)s Cameron. And as difficult as it is to believe, Stonestreet is a completely straight man which is such as shock because he plays gay? so well that you almost lose him in the role (in a good way of course) just as much as Serrault loses himself in Cage Aux Folles. And other than Ty Burrell as Phil, Cameron is my favourite character. Stonestreet plays Cameron who(TM)s an openly gay man on the show. His performance here feels very similar to Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family. Now whether or not Serrault is actually gay in real life, that doesn(TM)t affect his performance because he(TM)s completely believable in the role either way. And what I(TM)ve notice is that they seem to be people who really do live? and are constantly in good moods with always being a helping caring hand to those in need (as should everybody). Gay people are just like everyone else except their sexual orientation. Again, I don(TM)t think that being gay is right?, but seeing people play gay characters is a whole lot of fun to watch. He was the most blatantly gay? character of the whole film. All of the actors are great in their roles but it was Serrault as Albin who stole the show for me. The film is rife with many famous French actors playing their roles: Ugo Tognazzi, Michel Serrault, Claire Maurier, Benny Luke, Michel Galabru and Luisa Maneri just to name the most prominent forces. Another great part of the film is the cast. It seemed like they had a whole whack more to say but got cut off, not by another character but by the camera itself. I don(TM)t exactly remember which shot it was exactly, but there was one moment where one of the characters is talking and then it suddenly cuts off right away to the next shot, all the while feeling much too jerky. The transitions and editing here feel polished and smooth and with the exception of one single shot I forgot that the film was edited at all. An editor(TM)s job is to make it look as if they were never there in the first place or at least that(TM)s the job of a good one. The audience can be taken out of the film by knowing it was edited?. An editor(TM)s job is to edit a film and have it flow together in seamless fashion, but sometimes what(TM)s captured on camera doesn(TM)t always translate on screen. Often-times the camera lingers in a European Art-house? kind of way which is quite distinct. Another strong point in the film is the use of the camera work. The film also feels looser? in the sense of the way that it(TM)s put together. People will do anything to stir up controversy I suppose. People made such a big deal out of it and hyped it up so much in a negative way that when I finally saw it I didn(TM)t know what the big deal was all about. In fact I actually really enjoyed it for the film that it was and the powerful love story that it told. Was it nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be? Not by a long shot. Heck, even Brokeback Mountain fits into this whole discussion. Do I think it(TM)s right for a person to be gay? No, but at the same time one of my best friends is openly gay and I(TM)m fine with that. What their sexual orientation is is entirely their business and their business alone. Personally I think that it(TM)s wrong when a man and another man are together?, but with that being said I(TM)m not about to gay-bash anyone. I(TM)m Christian and my belief is that God made a man and a woman to be together and not two men together or two women together. I think people tend to take the whole gay thing? way too far. All of the gay words or gestures used in the film aren(TM)t done to offend people but to just demonstrate how certain people are. There(TM)s no caution tape here to make sure nobody crosses the line by becoming offensive. What the film does so well is take the negative stigma of homosexuality and throws it out the window, the film knows its gay and isn(TM)t taboo about it as many North American films so often are. I(TM)ve lost count how many times I(TM)ve heard words like this used in films where the viewer was supposed to laugh but it felt much too awkward to do so because in context of the atmosphere it was deemed as offensive or hurtful. A person would call another person a faggot? in a sweetly endearing fashion and this way it made it that much easier to laugh in the film. The words gay? and faggot? are tossed around quite liberally in this film and that whole looser atmosphere makes the film that much more enjoyable. The film has this atmosphere that many American films with gay jokes? or gay people don(TM)t have. In Europe, violence is regarded far higher than sexuality in regards to what is offensive and what isn(TM)t (compared to the exact opposite in North America) and this relative leniency is what I liked best about the film. Having not seen the remake I can(TM)t compare the two but what I believe that the original does so well is embrace its gay-side?. Now I(TM)ve never seen the American remake of the film entitled The Birdcage? from 1996 (Robin Williams, Nathan Lane, Gene Hackman, Diane Wiest) but the cast makes me want to go out and rent it right away. And why is it that American films have run the gamut in terms of creativity? Well your guess is as good as mine; perhaps it(TM)s the jokes in the films or the wrong actors for the given part, but what this film does like so many American films fail to do is embrace its gay-side?. Many American films have tried to go for the Meet The Parents? formula and yet almost all of them have failed (except for well of course Meet The Parents, Meet the Fockers and what will eventually be Little Fockers, even though that looks pretty bad it(TM)ll make lots of money). The set-up of dysfunctional families coming together which cause all sort of comical chaos have been done many times before over the years by Hollywood and its lack of genuine ideas, so the fact that it was made by the French makes it that much more fresh. Their world is turned inside out as they try to prepare for a dinner where they(TM)ll meet the parents? for the very first time. The reason that they have to pretend to not be gay is because the girl that their son is marrying is the daughter of two very conservative political parents and in order for their marriage to be allowed the two men can(TM)t be together?. La Cage Aux Folles? (or Birds of a Feather? in English) is a 1978 French film about two gay men who have to pretend to be straight when their son returns home and announces that he(TM)s getting married

Ricardo A (au)

illed with some good scenes, Deadly Blessing is pretty entertaining. An underrated slasher flick by Wes Craven

Robert M (us)

A pretty good classic and raunchy road trip comedy for it's time with a good intro song and skit. The rest of the cast is well played as well, including cousin Eddie. Chevy Chase is well famous for his truly dumb comedy (in a good way of course) and his hilarious facial expressions. Even with (spoiler) the park completely closed down at arrival, the Griswalds still find a way to end the day with smiles on their faces. It's a total twist to normal family vacations as the Griswalds end up in the worst possible collisions and shenanigans probably ever known to man. It's the first fun-filled Griswald family vacation as they travel more than halfway across the country by car to a famous made-up amusement park with getting there being half (or even more than half) the fun. A bit harder to enjoy after seeing Christmas Vacation every holiday before this one, but it's the first and original Chevy Chase classic and it's almost just as good in several doses