Un acoperis deasupra capului

Un acoperis deasupra capului

The decision taken by the hospitals council board of early releasing the neurotics and depressed, throw Mona 36 and Cathy 30 in the real world., a world which cannot offer them any place to live except a little house, without a roof , situated at the edge of the country , in the Danube Delta. Its Monas grandparents house, but both of them are dead. Their arrival triggers weird reactions on behalf of the villagers because they have big plans : to sell the village to a very rich man who own a football team and a political party who wants to turn the place into a luxurious resort. Could Mona and Cathy resist to the villagers reactions? Could they find a place to live in this world?

The decision taken by the hospitals council board of early releasing the neurotics and depressed, throw Mona 36 and Cathy 30 in the real world.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob P (us) wrote: This feels more real than most horrors because of it's location...but just past half way it gets slips into traditional tropes...

Jeff C (au) wrote: Stupid comedy. Not bad not great.

Paul D (mx) wrote: It doesn't quite feel like a Bernado Bertolucci film, but maybe the modern soundtrack music accounts for this - look out for the scene with different Italian lyrics to David Bowie's 'Space Oddity'. It's a steady film about isolation, loneliness and relationships that looks good and expertly directed.

John K (nl) wrote: Pretty twisted sh!t, and Elisabeth Shue accounts for the second-best cameo of the summer...

Mark W (jp) wrote: An amazing example of a sequel that is miles better than it's predecessor... The style transfers from a supernatural confusing mess, to a pretty decent slasher! So if you didn't like the first, it's extremely plausible you will like the sequel! Overall there were some good performances and the story was actually quite consistent, I would definitely recommend this for the watch!

Austin B (nl) wrote: The story/idea for this film is a good one -- it has the imaginative "what-if" feel of a Christian fiction novel. And that, right there, is the ONLY good thing going for this film. (Well, I guess the fact that Penelope Cruz's younger sister, Monica, is in it and she's as hot as her sister -- that's a plus too.)The screenplay blows. The dialogue is more wooden than a Viking ship, and the actors put so many dramatic pauses in the middle of their sentences that at first I thought the audio track had been dubbed over from another language. Some of the conversations are so exposition-heavy, they feel like a kung-fu flick ("Since you, Cheng Lo of the Wangli province, have offended me, the most important bartender within a day's journey of the Forbidden City, I will now punish you with my Rabid Monkey style kung-fu, which I learned from Old Lo Dong Cheng, who lives in....") The action scenes are barely passable, and I don't care how many action films Dolph Lundgren has made, ain't nobody who can single-handedly fight off a dozen armed men with a two-handed broad-axe in an enclosed space... there's not enough room to swing. And my personal peeve was Peter's cockiness; he smirks through all of his scenes, as if to say, "Yeah, I'm Simon Peter, and I'm going to heal and/or resurrect your love interest when I'm good and ready to do so."Avoid this film.

Michael A (jp) wrote: I first seen this movie on late night skinamax :p but was addicted ever since. Great acting and very entertaining (like most troma movies) with a very shocking ending.

Allie L (de) wrote: No, Richard Gere! No!

Jack B (es) wrote: could have been funnier

Van W (us) wrote: Ball's voice is simply horrible, but a film this thoroughly wrong must be laid at the foot of the director.

Private U (es) wrote: A time waster, very poor movie

Naomi G (ru) wrote: Have you ever wondered why Raymond Burr is the star of a Japanese movie?Well, it's because the Japanese want to sell the movie to americans, like toyotas and they need an american guy to do it, you might answer. You got the answer partially correct, the problem is that I was looking at a very old VHS tape of Godzilla - it was called just "Godzilla" apparently, back then - and the producers listed on the credits are all guys, from Hollywood, who produce the usual, traditional Hollywood products. I guess Toho films is like one of those offshore bank accounts. A more likely reason that Hollywood decided to go to Japan to make it's monster movie, is that if you're a girl, like me, you'd know that us girls do not like to buy our handbags from designers from the US. We like to buy them from France, or Italy or...I guess that's it France or Italy, anyway it's the same thing with guys: wouldn't you rather have a Ferrari than a Corvette? So these Hollywood guys must have thought, maybe the same thing can work if we take your average run of the mill monster movie, make an identical monster with a different, Japanese name, and give it the full Japanese monte. And you know what? It worked, Hollywood has made some dough off ole Godzilla. Of course they could have just imported a Japanese movie...but for me there's that sticky problem of the credits on the ole VHS box.Incidentally, when they decided it was a hit, and re-released it back to Japan, they edited out all of the americanisms.What's true is that if you look at the tv schedules of any tv station anywhere in the world, you will see that 75% of their programming are american tv shows from one of the big american tv networks.Hollywood is the capital of the world's cinema, there is practically nothing - movie wise - besides Hollywood.

Cita W (es) wrote: I was totally not expecting to feel sad after I watched this movie, it's even better than The Bicycle Thief and the dog... that goddamn dog. Vittorio De Sica had a great talent in breaking people's heart.

thomas m (nl) wrote: For some reason found the beginning to be better than expected, the middle to be alright and the end to be well - pretty bad ... overblown, wrap everything up in a big and clean way bad .. lowering the tone