Un amor

Un amor

Childhood friends Bruno and Lalo are inseparable, until Lisa enters their lives. Beautiful and free-spirited, she quickly turns both their heads, igniting a passionate but heartbreaking ...

Childhood friends Bruno and Lalo are inseparable, until Lisa enters their lives. Beautiful and free-spirited, she quickly turns both their heads, igniting a passionate but heartbreaking ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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TheDuncify (br) wrote: Although this movie received a staggering amount of negative feedback, to me it is another great addition to my top movies. If you happen to have netflix, this movie is a must see. It so much as rivals masterpieces such as The Man from Nowhere and Yellow Sea. All in all, a great Korean film.

Joseph J (gb) wrote: Not his best in my opinion. Still a great performance though.

Mahmood H (mx) wrote: I thought it was well done but I wish it was just a BIT funnier.

Benjamin E (us) wrote: Probably the most realistic Mormon movie. This one doesn't try to make everything look happy or easy, it takes place in the real world. It tells the stories of God entering the lives of various people in LA. Lots of horrible things happen but the message in the end is powerful and movie. I would reccomend to anyone.

Tomas B (jp) wrote: An interesting premise with too many slow build ups that just bore. Pitty.

James C (ag) wrote: After being released from prison, Chopper returns back to his home town, only to find out that there is a contract out on him.This movie is based on the first book written by Australian criminal Mark "Chopper" Read, but also has a liberal dose of fiction put into it as well. The film follows a period in his life from he being released from prison, to him returning a short while later, and though the storyline is not particularly action driven, the array of bizarre happenings and characters keeps the viewer entertained. The title role is expertly played by Eric Bana, and the supporting cast all play the lowlife denizens incredibly well. The gore is minimal, but when something does happen, there is plenty of blood involved. All in all this is an odd little movie, as I was expecting a biography, and the deliberate blurring between fact and fiction does detract as you er know if what you are watching actually happened or not. Still, this is an enjoyable movie that had parts that made me giggle and other parts that made me wince.

Isabel S (au) wrote: Isabel Stallings The Kinkaid SchoolEnglish 10-D December 3, 2015 Othello Movie ReviewWhen I watched the movie "O", it helped better my understanding of the plot in Shakespeare's Othello. I believe all students who read and or study this novel should watch the movie after they read the novel because it puts an interesting understanding of the play. I think the movie did a good job explaining the plot with a modern twist. I think on this debate, watching the movie AFTER you read would help, but I think the students should at least read the play and attempt to understand it before they watch the movie.I would give the movie an eight out of ten because it helps describe the plot while still showing the controversy of this show. Also, it gives a good modern twist while staying almost identically true to the plot. Although, it doesn't go into much detail on the relationship of Iago and Emilia. Iago tells Emilia to shut up a few times but it's not nearly as problematic as it was explained in the novel. It misses that key point in the plot and that's one of the parts of the movie I missed and did not enjoy. Also, the movie forgets to include the true rage Iago has against Othello. The film does not go much into detail about his true rage or motive. I understand it is a part of the mystery to guess Iago's true motive but I feel like it left the audience guessing too much. However, I enjoyed how the movie included how despicable Iago truly is. Also, it includes a conversation between Othello and Desdemona that is not in the book. It is when Desdemona exclaims to Othello that if he thinks she is cheating on him, he should come out and ask. Which I think showed reverence to more modern times because that conversation most likely would have happened today rather than the time period during the play. I would rate the book of Othello an eight and a half out of ten. I think it was an excellent tragedy but everyone's death felt rushed at the end of the play. I had never read one of Shakespeare's tragedies before this but overall it had a very advanced and well thought out plot. I think it was not too difficult to comprehend once I got the hang of the wording and Iambic pentameter but it was a little tricky when we started. Overall, I enjoyed the movie and script version of Shakespeare's Othello.

Kristina G (br) wrote: Somewhat heartbreaking and disappointing.

Lee (it) wrote: The DVD artwork promised much, but to be honest I was left a little underwhelmed by this one. The whole set-up is fairly routine and something that's been done a few times recently in the new wave of French shockers featuring backwoods families. The real draw of the film would be the 'Pack' itself as advertised but even they left me a bit disappointed. They show up fairly late-on in the film and they do very little, despite providing the best moments of the movie. Not a terrible film by any means, the characters are an entertaining crazy bunch and there's some nice gory moments to be enjoyed. Just don't get your hopes up too much about this one though.

Andy P (ag) wrote: Woody Allen's zany, futurist comedy is one of his funniest and most purely entertaining films, full of riotous slapstick gags and laugh a minute dialogue.

Sara C (br) wrote: I'd really love to see this movie. Elizabeth Allen is a great director!

Tasha J (ag) wrote: who hasnt seent this movie