Un beso en el puerto

Un beso en el puerto


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Jason T (gb) wrote: The secret life of pets is a decent animated film there's really nothing here groundbreaking that's going to take you to the next level. Voice performances are well done in the story is fine that will keep kids entertained even though it's kind of a knock off of toy story. The characters are fine although some are flushed out a lot more than others. There's better animated films out there but there's worse and I think the secret life of pets is a decent way to spend an hour and a half.

Chris W (de) wrote: This movie was terrible. With what the directors spent on the car rentals and houses for this movie, one would think that they could have afforded better actors and effects. The movie was slow paced in the beginning and nothing really built up the plot enough to keep me interested. Which it did not help that the actors were all unknowns and terrible.

Marius F (es) wrote: It wasn't one of the films I usually enjoy but I did enjoy it. I think you need a certain frame of mind to fully appreciate it.

Barry T (mx) wrote: Weiner so good with his TV show Madmen but pretty dire with a movie. This was wet with moments okness. Wilson played Wilson. Poehler was utterly unlikeable and Gafalinas has also played this oddity before. There was a lot of story and it was slow and pedestrian. A dad father, a stoner and a whole lot of nothingness

Adam F (gb) wrote: 'Adventures in Dinosaur City' is a very badly put together film. The sets and special effects are only ok, and once you consider the standards at the time, they simply don't make the cut. The animatronics, puppet work and acting are all very bad and the movie desperately wants to lure in children with the promise of a Ninja-turtles like adventure (which, good or bad, that film was extremely popular nevertheless) but it disappoints on all accounts. Any children old enough to recognize bad movies from good ones will dismiss this as trash. (On VHS, February 24, 2012)

Garrett C (fr) wrote: Very predictable and cliche musical, but the songs and dance numbers are good.

Rachel M (nl) wrote: a cute n young love story

Aaron A (ag) wrote: I was looking forward to this instalment of Rocky after I was disappointed by number 4 and to a degree number 5. This is better but for me it did not reach the high bar that the earlier Rocky films had sent. The plot is pretty implausible but you can't blame them for trying. I'm going to be honest, this film is overrated. I think too many people have watched this with rose tinted glasses and after watching number 4 and 5 I suppose anything better was bound to get decent reviews. As much as I like the Rocky franchise, I did feel that this was a bit of a feeble effort that was too sentimental for it's own good.I'm so glad Creed has come along and breathed new life into the franchise because let's face it, it was crying out for it.