Un boss in salotto

Un boss in salotto

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Un boss in salotto torrent reviews

Jona S (ru) wrote: I haven't seen the show, or heard of Postman Pat, but I know I am gonna hate him.

David U (ag) wrote: Watched this movie as well as "Hubble 3-D" at the same time, and it was definitely not the better of the double-feature. The 3-D effects seem hastily added, despite it being shot in 3-D. Despite all these flaws, the film contains some good uses of the 3-D, and a few interesting facts. Then again, a 3-D movie is expected to have at least a few good uses of the effect, and a "science film" is expected to give a few good facts. In all, this movie delivers the average product and not too much more.

Gerardo S (nl) wrote: I love this movie, .... Bob... Robertoooooo!!!!

Serge L (ag) wrote: Nice story that familiarise Japan. Enough adventure related to the growing child to keep the interest. The hero girl is the cutest! The women are not too bad either. Likable.

Cole B (nl) wrote: A stunning performance from Del Torro and at times wonderful direction from Soderburgh make this a worthy viewing. But the storytelling fails to capture the most intriguing and controversial things about this unique man.

Ayat M (nl) wrote: Christoph Waltz scares the hell out of me!! He's brilliant!!