Un bulgare de huma

Un bulgare de huma

A movie about the friendship between Ion Creanga and Mihai Eminescu.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:Romanian
  • Reference:Imdb
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A movie about the friendship between Ion Creanga and Mihai Eminescu. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Un bulgare de huma torrent reviews

Juan T (fr) wrote: I love this movie. we need more movies with great actors like this. it has been a very long time that a movie really made me tear. Great acting and great movie. I seriously don't understand the critics. They should chill and appreciate good. ..

Andrew B (de) wrote: Watched this on Netflix with 2-year-old sister, not bad, I think the TV series is better, but this was rather amusing, a lot of the humor relying on George's antics. Jamie Kennedy's security guard should be annoying but is mostly also funny at times. 3/5 stars


Ben E (es) wrote: Barely watchable. Rarely do I find myself hoping the finish line would be seconds away within the first 10 minutes. I stand alone knowing that Tim Allen was only ever good when he was making Home Improvement and acting in Galaxy Quest.

MarieBella C (mx) wrote: While Sienna Miller gives a solid performance it doesn't make up for the films many faults

Akhil A (mx) wrote: A little exaggerated ,which can get tiring . Most of the time its just the audience is watching how a car is driven,how a beard is cut ,how a bike is riden....and many more things u'd prefer to ignore.....and in all this somehow this popular cinema cudn't touch my heart as it did to the 96% of critics

Bill B (es) wrote: I finally got a chance to check out on of the larger Blaxploitation releases that'd somehow escaped me over the years, and it was well worth the wait. We essentially follow a group of seniors as they play around in school, chase girls and try to impress one another around their neighborhood, until there's the expected repercussions that you kinda know are coming at some point.Well worth a look, track this one down.

Ian R (us) wrote: Betamax precursor. Visually well done and not a TERRIBLE story, but missing something, oh yeah, characters we truly care about. Kids loved it.

Glenn C (au) wrote: Poor Spike Lee... the African American community no longer needs their messiah and so he's left without his soapbox. Poor Spike Lee... still angry with the white man... or is it more a case of him being angry that race relations have improved and his voice is a faint echo of the past? Either way, he's lost his mojo... BIG TIME! When Clint Eastwood's Flags Of Our Fathers was released, Lee waged a war against Eastwood and created controversy by accusing Eastwood of being racist and not portraying WWII in an accurate light. He wanted to see more black people on screen and naturally Eastwood laughed at him and ridiculed him back to the boroughs. So Lee's retaliation was the 3 hour "Miracle At St Anna". A steaming pile of hypocrisy and boredom. I genuinely LOL'd out loud at the very first scene which takes place in the mid 80s. An old black man watches a John Wayne film with a look of anger on his face... these words mumble out of his mouth "we fought in this war too!". And so begins Spike Lee's ENTIRELY fictional depiction of events that didn't actually happen. Based on a novel who's author openly admits it to be a work of fiction. Anyhow, to offer some fairness to the film I admit that I stopped watching at the 30 minute mark. I couldn't take any more and so I can't speak for the rest of it. What I saw was a contrived, cliched and pretentious mess. The screenplay is atrocious and the acting ain't much better. Even the likes of John Tuturro and Joseph Gordon-Levitt give cartooned film-noir performances as investigative journalists in the 1980s, investigating a crime that links for the "Miracle At At Anna". So a massive yawn and "fuck you" to Spike Lee. He needs to make more non-political stuff like Inside Man... thankfully his next film "Red Hook Summer" does look good and it seems to ditch the preach-card.... but we'll see about that.