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Anthony T (mx) wrote: I didn't hate this movie. The action and story were a bit too crazy, but still enjoyable. Really would have have been a great prequel to the film Smokin Aces, although I know they already made a prequel to that, but this would have actually been a much better one. Recommended for fans of brainless action films.

Matt S (ag) wrote: you'd be better off going to sleep!!

Ruth D (it) wrote: I well wanna see this I wanna see any film that has a WWE Wresstler in it

Reno V (gb) wrote: "THE RETURN TO THE QUARANTINED BUILDING" - 'Rec' is the second installment of the popular Spanish horror franchise. It was made in 2009 and directed by Jaume Balaguro and Paco Plaza. Again they chose to present it as a found footage video. The story continues where the previous one had ended. While you think that the virus from the first movie causes people to change into zombies, in this second film you will learn that the undead transformation is caused by a demonic possession. To me that ruins the deal. There were scary moments, but I just didn't like the whole supernatural twist to it. They should have stuck with the original idea. With returning cast member Manuela Velasco as Angela Vidal. During the events of the first movie, doctor Owen form the Ministry of Health enters the quarantined building along with a Special Force Team. One of them is filming the whole thing. Inside Owen reveals that he is a priest sent by the Vatican in search of the blood of a possessed girl, who is the cause of the infestation that turns people into undead monsters. It doesn't take long before the men get attacked and have to fight for their lives. In the meantime, one of the residents who was out to get his daughter some medicine, makes his way into the building by the sewage system with the help of a firefighter. They are followed by three curious teenagers, who want to capture what's going on inside on their handy cam. Unknowingly they get themselves trapped in a horrible nightmare.

Roy S (jp) wrote: I like this franchise very much, and this installment is one of the better ones. The movie had two mysteries, both were good and one was quite touching. The way in which all the films maintain a melancholic tone is admirable. Mostly this is due to the skills of Mr. Selleck, who even while occasionally cracking wise never breaks character. The music also helps.

Mark N (au) wrote: Tries so hard to look clever by use of piecemeal flashbacks to deliver an otherwise unremarkable story. In many ways Lynch (trading on her family name) suffers by association with her father and for an unknown director it would be given more credit but with her pedigree its easy to dismiss simplistic storytelling gimmicks to make a routine plot vaguely interesting.

Rodney E (br) wrote: Finding Forrester isn't a dud but I think that one of the only memorable things is the line "You're the man now, dawg" being delivered by Connery.

Skyler B (au) wrote: Eh, I wouldn't ever buy it.

Deidre W (ru) wrote: I really like this movie. Richard Gere is wonderful as always as a guy dealing with unhappiness and restlessness. Starts taking Ballroom Dancing lessons and keeps it a secret from his wife, Susan Sarandon. Stanley Tucci and Bobby Cannavale are also in it and are very funny! Has a wonderful ending.

Tay W (kr) wrote: surprisingly suspenseful , unpredictable ... liked it

Luis G (nl) wrote: Beautifully shot mountains and bodies of water paint inbetween the moral of the story - don't let your adopted daughter develop a crush on your not-so-secret lover.

Leong C (fr) wrote: Indie flick with no story, which in a way inspired so many gen-x film makers...

Leon B (gb) wrote: Review:This is yet another movie starring Woody Allen were he is rambling on about complete rubbish all the way through the film. The storyline was original but completely silly. Its about a terrible magician, played by Allen, who brings a girl (Johanssen) out of the audience for a magic trick and halfway through the stunt, she gets visited by a dead person who escaped the Grimm Reaper to tell her the true identity of a serial killer. WEIRD! Allen also gets to see the dead person so he joins Johanssen to take down the serial killer. The storyline was really weird but I liked the concept. The main problem is Woody Allen's writing which made the movie more of a silly comedy than a intriguing, murder mystery. Jackman, who plays the accused, had the ability to make his character interesting but the storyline really does go from one extreme to the another. It also didn't help that the film was based in the UK because the rich characters seemed more pompous than interesting. Personally I got fed up with the constant rambling on about trivial matters. I did stick with the film because I thought that it might switch into something serious, but Allen chose to stick with the unfunny theme. Average!Round-Up:With such big names like Johanssen and Jackman, I'm surprised that the budget was so small. Maybe it's because it was made nearly 10 years ago, before Jackman was Wolverine and Johanssen was the Black Widow. Anyway, I personally think that Allen spoilt the movie with his stuttering dialogue and silly humour. I liked Ian McShane, who played the deceased, but he wasnt in the movie that much. I also liked the ending, which was the only proper twist throughout the film, but it wasn't enough to make this film that great. It amazed me that Allen cast Jackman, whose Australian, alongside Johanssen, whose America and he filmed it all in the UK. Jackman does put on a great English accent and he plays pompous quite well, so he blended in with the rest of the English cast. Anyway, this just has to go down as another let down by Allen.Budget: $4millionWorldwide Gross: $39millionI recommend this movie to people who are into their drama/thrillers about 2 people trying to work out whose the Tarot Card Killer with the help of a ghost 3/10

Angela S (fr) wrote: want to see this movie

Ajay D (au) wrote: I don't believe that the tv show or the movie itself didn't get much popular. it was one of the funniest sitcom according to me. I didn't know that I got so much attached to the show when it finally ended. so many feels. school memories recalling.now about the movie. it was hilarious! there were some points where I had to actually pause it so I can laugh and not miss anything. this really really needed to be one of the most liked sitcoms. tough luck, "shut up, Michael" lol