Un cazador de zombis

Un cazador de zombis


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:70 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:torture,   blood,   zombie,  

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Un cazador de zombis torrent reviews

Nicholas L (jp) wrote: This movie belongs on Disney Channel, I found the Lacrosse ineresting but thats because I play Lacrosse. It even fails on that point so If you play lacrosse watch it with you teamates, if you dont... just skip it

Clemens H (ru) wrote: lol I didn't get it. xDAudio and Video quality isn't very good.

Bobby L (us) wrote: This one is fairly recent, and surprisingly interesting, as it's much more of an intense drama than a full on actioner, and he handles himself well, and his chemistry with Vivica A. Fox is good, and their relationship, the center of the movie, is pretty real, and the other character's reactions to it all work well. The bit of action that is in it work well enough, if a little dry. The music has moments that seem rather inspired, but others that felt flat and cliched.

Brandi C (ru) wrote: This was a light hearted touching story to say the least. Even for a child's movie it will touch the hearts of all ages. And for a real decent look into the world of the native American's religious culture. This movie had references to the shaman and beautiful touch on the spirits. As with his brother becoming the great eagle with his totem and having the power to shift his brothers form in the age old "mile in another's shoes" a thorough recommendation from me.

James M (br) wrote: The storyline is more-or-less identical to Phone Booth, except it has a female protagonist. Linda Fiorentino deserved better really.

Chris E (au) wrote: This was better than I had expected it to be....the self-indulgent writing by Dan Bucatinsky was a little much sometimes (not to mention the fact that he decided to play the lead himself..bad move) but it's still something to recommend. It moved pretty fast, too!

Amy M (ca) wrote: Worst film I've ever seen