Un'estate ai Caraibi

Un'estate ai Caraibi

Several groups of Italians experience amusing adventures and tests of character on the Caribbean island of Antigua. Some of the characters are there simply for rest and relaxation, while others act with different motivations. Multiple plot lines unfold simultaneously as different characters' stories are presented.

Several groups of Italians experience amusing adventures and tests of character on the Caribbean island of Antigua. Some of the characters are there simply for rest and relaxation, while others act with different motivations. Multiple plot lines unfold simultaneously as different characters' stories are presented. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aiden A (fr) wrote: Horribly acted, and boringly paced, this movie wasn't the b movie fun I was hoping for, I really didn't like this movie, it sucked.1/5

John B (es) wrote: I see Wesley Morris' review and I love the sentiment - it is like reading a very good book in an uncomfortable chair. There are lots of interesting things in this film. The problem is that they occur over 157 minutes in a long drawn out process. It certainly tests patience.

Jake P (jp) wrote: With such a gritty and dark plot, Michael Cane gives it the extra push to make it a suspenseful film

Lachlan D (nl) wrote: Eric Bana's flashy, dynamic, unpredictable and boarder line psychotic performance is matched by the film's direction and screenplay. Domink achieves excellence on every level in providing us with a fine addition to Australian Cinema.

Andrew B (ru) wrote: Most critics and movie fans are going to tell you that Spike Lee's masterpiece of a movie is "Do The Right Thing" I am going to have to wholeheartedly disagree with that. He Got Game is the best Spike Lee film for my money. First and foremost the way the movie was shot and filmed is fantastic. The cinematography gives the entire movie a true gritty and urban feel to it, which suits the subject matter perfectly. Ray Allen isn't giving an Oscar worthy performance here, after all he is a professional athlete thrown into a major motion picture, but he does the job well. Giving the movie an authentic feel to it for the main character. Most inner city high school basketball players are not going to be giving authentic intriguing movie type dialogue, so why go that route anyway? Spike did a good job casting this movie. Denzel shines as he usually does. I like how Denzel Washington isn't afraid to take roles like this. Some black actors may not want to take roles like this playing into that stereotypical inner city African American male, but Denzel does a superb job playing this role. Its a story that most sports fans know all to well, and was never more prevalent than around the time it was released. With loads of high school basketball players shooting straight to the NBA for big money. But also there are high school basketball stars who are being recruited by tons of big name schools offering everything they can throw at the kid trying to entice him to sign with their program. It has to be hard for these young men as they try and balance school, sports, family, girlfriends, their future and their reputation around their neighborhood and city. It is a lot to handle for anyone, let alone a high school kid. Sometimes we forget that these athletes may look big and seem mature, but in reality they are still children. He Got Game shows this in detail, how this character is trying to balance everything and on top of it is the man of his house. His father was accused of murdering his mother. So his mother is dead and his father is in prison, but soon to be relapsed. What we see is a young athlete getting everything all at once. Schools offering him girls and taking him to parties. Agents offering him money and jewelry to sign with them and go to the NBA. A very authentic and real movie, this is a must watch for not just a sports fans, but fans of a good drama as well. Well done Spike.

Xanthe H (jp) wrote: Great!!!!!! Loved it!

Mark W (kr) wrote: Enjoyed this. Brando's performance was very convincing, I didn't recognise him as the translator at first. The humour is a little corny by today's standards (Boss say, "Where's your get up and go?" I say, "it went.") Some may criticise the supposed racial sterotyping but I think the movie subtley mocks prejudices rather than enforces them.

Deborah M (es) wrote: A decent mystery/suspense with a strong cast. The plot, while it does have some pretty large holes, keeps the viewer guessing about whodunnit and why.

Ahmed M (ru) wrote: Hotel Transylvania is a nice movie to watch if you just want some humor, here and there, but if you are also looking for a good story, you might want to pick another movie.

Joshua S (fr) wrote: yawn. paint drying and grass growing is more entertaining. 2 1/2 stars only because Bill F'ing Murray.

Prattay S (br) wrote: finally the kid of movie I was looking for

colin n (fr) wrote: Colin NielsenENG4UMr. Nate VankampenFilm Review Admiring the 2006 Film, Stranger Than FictionStranger Than Fiction, 2006, starring Will Ferrell, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Emma Thompson, is a beautifully written comedy set in modern day Chicago. Following the story of Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) as he wakes up to a regular life every day, performing the same mundane tasks every day in his job as an internal revenue agent. This all changes however, when his watch stops working, and he begins to hear a female narrator describing his entire life. He struggles with this narrator, because as everything she says is right, causing him to pick up the audit case of a baker. The baker is known as Ana Pascal, (Maggie Gyllenhaal) who prefers to not pay her taxes and openly defies "the man" whom Harold obviously represents. Through a turn of events, Harold and Ana find themselves in love at the ultimate climax of the story which leaves its viewers speechless and satisfied with the conclusion.Some of the greatest moments that came out of this movie had me in stitches. The great comedic relief and dry passive humour underlying every moment. Some of the greatest moments come out when Harold is introduced to his dramatic irony. "Little did he know" forms the basis for his entire story, especially when he has a breakdown in front of the bus when the narrator literally says "little did he know, that watch would be the very basis of his death". The movie is full of these comedic innuendoes, which enhances the film drastically.In addition to the comedic humour, the actors really proved themselves time and time again, as the story develops. Will Ferrell proves he can admit to both the serious and comedic aspects of this piece, as he applies a sort of childlike innocence. This innocence matches very well with Maggie Gyllenhaal's incredibly adept mature nature of her knowing what she's doing as compared to Will, who is constantly trying to figure out the situation he has been placed in. This film inspired me to be more than what I do. As a student, it can sometimes be hard to look past the drama in every situation or the grades and consequences of current choices. To look past that and live life, much like Harold did when he began to follow his dreams, is a model life the world should aspire to live. Overall, this movie proved to be incredibly dramatic and comedic at times, dragging you in and pushing you out all at the same time. Final rating? Ten homemade cookies out of ten homemade cookies.

Dawson C (au) wrote: A wonderful feel good movie that celebrates the human spirit! The acting is superb and the pacing is perfect. One of my all time favorites.