Un'estate al mare

Un'estate al mare

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Un'estate al mare torrent reviews

Taya D (jp) wrote: I love this movie.....it gave me a new outlook on my young life.

Caesar M (kr) wrote: Exiled is the kind of movie that represents what I love in the crime/drama genre. It has everything from phenomenal camera work, creative action sequences, and a fascinating story to tie it all up to make a memorable experience. Exiled is about a friendship that is formed between an ex-gangster, and two groups of hitmen, those who want to protect him and those who were sent to kill him. I found the story of Exiled to be very creative and well developed through out my experience. I got so invested into the story, it's characters, and it's world that I actually forgot I was watching a movie. As with any great movie telling a great story it needs a great visionary behind the camera to tell it, and that man is Johnnie To. Johnnie To is such a master of the camera in this movie that every shot of the movie is flawless and adds more to the experience. Every location this film takes place you is a visually stunning as with any movie directed by Johnnie To. The violence in this movie is amazing. This has movie some of the best actions sequences I've ever seen captured on filmed. There exciting, have a purpose, and it looks like beautiful art in motion. The cast will be familiar for anyone who ever seen a Johnnie To movie in this genre, which works in favor for the film in my opinion. I have I've to praised to the actors who play the himtmen as they were able to balance being cold blooded killers and being caring human with such ease that they make the characters there playing all the more realistic. Exiled is a movie in the crime/drama genre that gets everything. Exiled is a masterpiece in the genre that I would recommended anyone who's into this genre or not to check it out for themselves.

Jerome B (it) wrote: 2, 3 bon passages je viens d'me faire "carjaker", mais franchement pas folichon, part peut-tre pour voir le baiser de Mlanie Laurent et Marion Cotillard... :)

Dan P (nl) wrote: Doesn't compete with the book