Un jeu brutal

Un jeu brutal


Cremer portrays a scientist who is also a serial killer.He's got a disabled daughter whom he treats like a dog because "she's still a beast ,only the hard way can turn her into a human being". Both hold a grudge against the whole world -the love the girl feels for Pascal will be short-lived- and the father/killer seems to use expiatory victims. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathaniel M (br) wrote: The good is the casting and production, the bad is the length, and the ugly is that it is far more obvious than it should have been.

Parthiv J (kr) wrote: Good work by Cuba Gooding Jnr.

SFG 7 (mx) wrote: 28/09/09 Natalie Imbruglia is a good actress too.

Alison P (ru) wrote: Not as good as it thinks it is. Liked parts one and two but part three left me disengaged.

Austin V (au) wrote: Add this one to the long list of otherwise serviceable action flicks that are brought down by a ludicrous depiction of magical computer hacking.

Matt A (jp) wrote: This has taken me how long to watch since it was released!? Where have I been!? If you are a fan of films like Kinky Boots, Priscilla and To Wong Foo and TV shows like RuPaul's Drag Race then give this a try, its hilarious. It doesn't have as many one liners as the others but the songs are catchy and compliment the film. Brilliant!

Tavin W (ca) wrote: Hail to the king baby!

Adrian A (es) wrote: This is my all-time favourite movie; it's British and I can relate to it on five different levels.Not an easy film to find nowadays, but if you DO come across it, don't ignore it.Two Liverpudlian boys, each with his own problems witness a murder and go on the run from the hit-man. They tag along with an ageing Opera singer who takes them to Brighton.As payment for this deed the opera singer takes the body of Michael who when in Liverpool was "on the rent" and innocent and homely Eddie discovers a performing dolphin in "Wonderland" (otherwise known as the Brighton Sea Life Centre) who he wants to rescue and set free.In the midst of all this mundane activity, the killer suddenly turns up, having traced the pair to the South Coast.Robbie Coltrane is brilliant as Annabel; an incredibly unusual role for him but realised beautifully. The commercial soundtrack is wonderful, and there are some surreal dream sequences that make perfect sense by the end of the film.Be warned, you cannot fail but to be deeply moved by the end and you will need a huge box of Kleenex tissues. I have seen this film more times than I would freely admit and have cried floods of tears EVERY time.

Sanford R (au) wrote: Not as good as Old Yeller, but it was still a pretty good movie anyways

Melinda O (gb) wrote: Occassionally a little long winded (having focussed on the researchers, a little hard to understand the constant focus on them simply saying 'wow'). However, minus this, very interesting to watch - great shots of deep sea life, how life adapts under extreme conditions.