Un ladrón, un violador y dos mujeres

Un ladrón, un violador y dos mujeres


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   robbery,   sex,  

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Un ladrón, un violador y dos mujeres torrent reviews

Michele H (de) wrote: Only 13 minutes into this movie and its a joke. Bad acting all the way around and the music score is horrible. I think they paid $5 for the background music. How did these 3 well known actors get roped into this atrocity of a movie????

Kevin D (it) wrote: TOP NOTCH, WOULD WATCH AGAIN 10/10

Eurieka M (br) wrote: The pace and the cinematography will do their job to keep your heart rate up but the story itself is just composed of random tropes thrown together. The performances are superb and the music is very fitting. Worth a try for anyone looking to pass the time.

Csar D (ag) wrote: J'ai rien compris, mais putain c'est la premire fois que j'aime ne rien comprendre un film et donc j'en oublie toute les petites maladresses et facilits.

Melanie F (jp) wrote: Takes a long long time to come to a point-but has some really good tunes to get you there :)

bill k (nl) wrote: Beautiful cinematography, good acting, and a very good screenplay. The disparate entry of several sub-texts here and there are confusing at times. Worth watching.

Michelle R (jp) wrote: Thought maybe since I loved Funny Girl this one would be good too. But I was wrong... very very wrong. Granted I did not watch the entire movie but I just couldn't bring myself to.

Ang W (br) wrote: Warm hearted fun movie.

Simon D (ru) wrote: A pretty funny film with good performances all round, especially from those you don't expect to be funny. I have to say that it is unusual that a script written for the stage has been transferred to film so well. Normally the over-acting that seems to accompany stage productions is carried over and it doesn't make for good viewing. The cast deserve credit for making this watchable.

Khaled H (de) wrote: a breathtaking thriller, fast, shocking and full of surprises, Washington was marvelous as usual

Chris F (jp) wrote: If adjusted for inflation this movie made more money than Star Trek into Darkness. Gene Roddenbery's vision can be seen here. This movie acts as a prototype Next Generation. Commander Decker and Lilia are similar Commander Riker and Troy. The uniforms even look similar to Next Generation. The Story was very good. You feel for V'ger. This is an example of what true Star Trek fans want from a Star Trek movie...

Simon R (ag) wrote: Not bad. Half decent thriller