Un mundo cuadrado

Un mundo cuadrado

A lost village. A rock band. A murder in the woods. The world is about to change.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Spanish
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A lost village. A rock band. A murder in the woods. The world is about to change. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Un mundo cuadrado torrent reviews

Dante B (it) wrote: he's more like magaver and jason bourne ( bourne idenitity)

Greg H (fr) wrote: Found this on Netflix and really enjoyed our. Love Tommy Lee Jones & both Phyllis & I are wondering how we missed this one when it came out.

Matt F (au) wrote: I agree with the criticisms of this film that say it is too pro-McKinney and it is lacking somewhat in the production and editing but the INFORMATION contained herein is vital to anyone who loves democracy and is enraged that it has been stolen by our two corporate parties.

visitorQ S (gb) wrote: So ganz genau wei ich noch nicht, was ich von bright future halten soll. Schlecht war er nicht, aber irgendwie hat die Spannung gefehlt und die Geschichte war auch irgendwie... so banane. 2,5/5

Paul M (ca) wrote: Thought this was gonna be a pile of shit while we were making it, but was very wrong. Turned out to be brilliant.

Jurate P (ru) wrote: One more costume drama...but this time totally different theme...castrating young boys to save the voice, i have never had idea how popular this was in 18th century, especially in Italy...bit strange to listen to such voice...This movie impressed me, love, family, music...even forced me to seek for some more information about Broschi family and castration as this is the true story based biopic movie...

Matt K (ca) wrote: What was the point of this film? I really don't know. I appreciated the filmmaking, nobody can deny that Haneke can make interesting films. This film was weirdly compelling, but not because I really cared about the characters or situations, mostly just because I was waiting for something to actually happen. I did really like the last half hour of the film, and the ending is fantastic, but the first hour is so random, and so dull. I'm sure a lot of the more random bits are actually connected if you pay close attention, but I didn't care enough to try.

bill b (gb) wrote: hmmm... u can try a shoot. but depends from your mood...

Laura M (de) wrote: Have seen the movie many times years ago......Good story...Good music.

Joe J (jp) wrote: Twenty-eight years ago, Dr. Walter Newman (Randy Molnar) is running a mental asylum and is also trying to find a way to cure disabilities. His wife, Olivia (Georgia Chris), is against the testing, especially when she tells him she's pregnant with twins. But Dr. Newman's psycho assistant Ms. Tinsley (Sylvia Boykin) wants the tests completed, so she secretly injects one of Olivia's twins with a serum.When the babies are born, the girl is normal, but the boy - the one injected with the serum - turns out to be a monster. Twenty-eight years later, a group of deaf students and their chaperones get a flat tire in front of the now abandoned mental hospital, and decide to stay there for the night. But the monster child is all grown up, and ready to wreak some havoc on the unsuspecting kids.This film tried to be a new Frankenstein-style film, but failed miserably. The acting, directing, effects, makeup, everything was beyond B-rated. Plus it was extremely boring, until the end, but even then it wasn't exciting at all because you never got to know the characters in the final half so you didn't care. They could've just focused on the doctor's experiments and be it, but instead the director cut both sections short to incorporate both parts into the film, which wasn't really needed.

Markku R (br) wrote: Much like the Red Circle, but less consistent and the tension is less gripping. Compared to everything else, though...

Rosco B (it) wrote: Me and my best pal at primary school were obsessed with WWII tales of derring-do and lapped this up one afternoon in the school holidays when it was on telly. Apparantly made for TV originally, it stars typically sour-faced Dick Burton (revisiting the familiar ground of "The Desert Rats") leading the pre-requisite rag-tag team on an attack on Tobruk. In fact, just about all the action shots were nicked from the Rock Hudson movie "Tobruk" from a few years earlier. Despite the obvious shortcomings it has a few memorable bits, lots of (second-hand) explosions and the enviable bonus of a scene with Dick Burton going apes**t with a flame-thrower. And as for the cliffhanging climax; we all love a good old ambiguous ending,don't we?!

John L (br) wrote: Someone wrote "this movies sucks!" On the DVD with a sharpie. Should have returned it but wanted to see how bad it really was and unfortunately watched it. Horrible story, bad acting, and crappy special effects. My home movies are better

Matt M (us) wrote: Watching it gave me mixed emotions.

Luciano S (fr) wrote: A id (C)ia de mostrar que o trabalhador americano certinho (C) uma bomba relgio no (C) dos dias de hoje, a forma de contar o filme como se estivesse sob efeito de drogas tamb (C)m no (C) novidade. Talvez a nica coisa que chame ateno (C) a tentativa de colocar mensagens subliminares no filme. Uma mensagem que o filme passa, talvez despretensiosamente, (C) que se voc acha que h algo de errado com sua vida depois de compar-la a vida do seu colega, no quer dizer que se voc comear a viver como ele, vai melhor-la. O filme fala recorrentemente sobre parasitas, talvez o parasita mais perigoso a sociedade seja aquele que tenta ser como os outros (quando na verdade no (C)), no caso, o protagonista.

Till S (gb) wrote: Ehm... where do you even go from there ?