Un Natale con i fiocchi

Un Natale con i fiocchi

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Un Natale con i fiocchi torrent reviews

Dimitris S (de) wrote: Lyrical,soft as the white snow,partially brutal but that's just my metaphorical enthusiasm.Theresa Poh Lin Chan as the real individual amidst fictional tales of love,the hunt for love or simply eternal love.Yeah,the plot is familiar you'll protest...sure,if one scratches the surface and realizes miss Theresa's inabilities are but her unique breath whereas the ones who can see and hear are the shamefully crippled.

Alexander C (it) wrote: Would like to get round to watching.

Cristi B (fr) wrote: scena finala a mai pus jumate de stea

Ivan J (ag) wrote: Horribly cheesy, melodramatic, and too long.

Abb J (fr) wrote: My Dog Skip: A wonderfully corny, simple, heartwarming true story about a socially awkward boy who blossoms when he gets his first friend: a sweet, personality-filled Jack Russell Terrier named Skip. Everything about this movie, from the terrific casting of Frankie Munoz, Diane Lane and Kevin Bacon, to the nostalgic slice of 1940s Americana and the tears-inducing score, is top notch. One of my favorites. A+

Jordan D (au) wrote: my favourite documantery. there is no denying R. Crumbs talent but why the movie is so fascinating is that it is an intimate portrait of a private man and his mentally unstable family. only because of Terry Zwigoffs friendship with Crumb do we get invited in. Zwigoff is tender portraying his subjects yet there is no denying the pathos at work here. An intensely honest character study.

Jason J (us) wrote: Tiger Cage is a high-octane action thriller about some bent HK coppers involved in some shady business with American drug dealers. The action choreography is pretty jaw dropping at times and includes some memorable fights with the super star Donnie Yen. From the opening shootout that begins the movie, you know that you are in for some rough and tumble action, as hundreds of bullets are shot, bodies fall and are hit by cars, the fighting is gritty, and so on.The final 10 minutes are among the most furious and insane action I've seen in any Hong Kong movie and the viewer is quite breathless by the time the mentioned freeze frame comes. The movie is very violent and the story is well paced by the great Yuen Woo Ping, and is a competent addition to the Hong Kong cop film library.

Andrew G (nl) wrote: Bloated and formulaic cop drama, but the gritty realism of the story is the perfect platform for Seagal's natural charisma and makes way for bountiful action sequences.

Chris W (ru) wrote: I plan on seeing every film that won the Oscar for best picture

Robert B (it) wrote: Best Will Ferrell film ever!!!!

Becky T (de) wrote: I rewatched this and forgot how intense, interesting, and well acted it was.

Jose M (au) wrote: Street Trash is a very appropriated title because it is appalling, disgusting, deplorable, ugly, morally corrupt, wrong, and sick, twisted, and has no respect or care for the values the zeitgeist had established whatsoever, and way too long at times and that's why I like this film. Street Trash follows a bum living in Brooklyn as we follow, but we stray from him and go around Brooklyn where we see other worthless human beings. The worthless beings will remind us of someone we once saw and may have smell. We(TM)ll be disgusted and haunted as we enter their world. We go into the under belly and beyond as we see their daily activities and routines. We(TM)ll be shocked at some point, but nothing can be done about it except to walkout. At one point, we will soon forget about civilizations and begin to be vicarious with these people and that(TM)s when the fun starts. The film becomes a riot, cheap, and funny once we accept our invitation. The only thing I couldn(TM)t really accept was the film(TM)s manner of wandering away from the plot and character. We get a number of subplots and one involves a whiskey that can make people melt. The special effects are wonderful.

Muhammad K (it) wrote: Lee Marvin was great , and the rest of the movie was not that bad but not that good either .

domenico t (jp) wrote: It's so fakely heartfelt it's heartless. So overfilled with fillers it's empty. So fast-paced it's the slowest movie I've ever seen.I am angry, frustrated and a bit more cynical.Surely much more prone to go out and chop some damn trees down.