Un parfum nommé Saïd

Un parfum nommé Saïd

A love story between a French filmmaker and a young Moroccan man. What is the connection between Gérard and the destiny of a country? The film is trying to give the answer.

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Marina N (jp) wrote: Wow, 0% of user like it. Then I really HAVE TO see it

Sumit B (kr) wrote: i'm a big fan of Ben 10 Animated series. But the movie was very much disappointing. And didnt even got to see much of the aliens in it

Jorden J (it) wrote: out of ALL the AMAZING movies in the theature i want to see this the MOST... it looks so OUTSTANDING.... i can tell it is going to be a tear gearker! it has my faviorte qualities in a movie.... COMIDY and ROMANCE! it BETTER be good!


Ian S (gb) wrote: This is where it all began Thomas Hewitts journey into becoming Leatherface..and he has just found a new toy. Bloody and brutal horror film that depicts the decent into madness that the family and Thomas took

Andrey B (ru) wrote: Very confusing and mind twisting. I don't say that it lacks originality but it could have been rendered in a more accessible form. It requires multiple viewings not because of its deep themes, but simply because it's very hard to fathom the details in the first viewing.

Mark S (br) wrote: No masterpiece certainly, but an inventive idea for a film and one that for the most part works. As the film goes on Will Ferrell becomes more and more like early-era Woody Allen, which whilst no substitute for the man himself does still make for some laughs.

John L (fr) wrote: one of the funniest movies you never saw. check it out.

bill b (fr) wrote: I had great expectation from this one but unfortunately i was lame.Too many things are going on, too many characters, and a very long film.I still prefer Tarantino :)PLUS: Some visualsCONS: Length, Story, not so funny as i thought

Trevor A (it) wrote: Willem Defoe and Harrison Ford have a competition to see who can impersonate the hardest hard wood. Avoid this cheesy feeble America wins the drug war film at all costs.

Daniel M (it) wrote: i want to see it again it is a great film

Miguel R (au) wrote: Lethal Weapon 2 is a great installment in the action cop comedy, though not as good as the first

baba 6 (nl) wrote: story of 10 young flyers in completing their missions on air raids in wwII.Nice and heart warming!!

Bill T (it) wrote: Though sometimes totally outlandish and farfetched, this still was an entertaining SH vehicle. Sherlock is sent to a home for the mentally infirm (a very comfortable one, and one with men of laughably light ailments) Rathbone is great as Holmes as usual, and Rathbone is still quite amusing as the quite hopeless Watson. The plot again, is just a tad ridiculous, but still one of the better Holmes in the series (which are all grand),

Whitney B (mx) wrote: Good looking young men, an interesting female character, horses falling off cliffs. I was really impressed with this one.

Jake R (ru) wrote: Heath is good of course but seeing this movie for the first time in 2016 is jarring. It really shows its age.

Nicole o (mx) wrote: Five college friends and a plus one physically come together to watch a friend after he tries to commit suicide but in all other regards they spend the majority of the weekend egocentrically delving into their own unresolved self-generated baggage.It is hard for a film, when it's basically a remake pretending not to be because this time the suicide victim isn't a victim but an attemptee but is hypocritically self-aware and gives homage to its predecessor, to do what it wants authentically without resembling a rip-off. And, fair warning, I have seen The Big Chill, and unintentionally watched it again a week before watching About Alex.From the get-go you know to expect self-indulgent intellectualisms but About Alex is nothing but pretentious ramblings, giving it a loathsome hipsterly quality. The atmosphere of the entire movie is bordering on combative as they angrily banter through the tension. Maybe this was a deliberate decision from writer/director Jesse Zwick; to put a mirror to the disjointed self absorbed nature of the generation and act as a representation and critique of the Facebook age. One would think that people coming together to help another through the days immediately following a suicide attempt would be kind and loving but for the most of the movie you forget they were even friends. The acting is good and roles fully formed, of which Jane Levy and Max Greenfield are most successful, but they can not save their faulted characters.The directing and composition of shots was uninspired, average, and literal. There is an art to telling a story without having it plainly done with the characters' dialogue and that is completely missing from About Alex. This is evident from the very beginning when Zwick decides to waste five minutes showing: the suicide attempt, everyone getting the call about the suicide attempt and making their arrangements to go and deal with the suicide attempt. Instead he could have saved five minutes, had everyone somberly encounter one another, leaving the dialogue as-is where the true subject for being together is implied and pussyfooted around and then cut to the one friend left at the cabin as he tries to clean the bloodstained bathtub. All conversations between two characters are over the shoulder framed close-ups that cut back and forth as they talk to one another.I wanted to like this movie, the trailer had me so hopeful and the cast is sublime but About Alex is masturbatory and decidedly not The Big Chill of our generation.

Heather M (br) wrote: This was a huge waste of my life! I watched this the whole way to the bitter end because I was sure that things had to work out for Effie. What a disappointing ending to round out a terribly slow viewing experience.

Ethan P (it) wrote: Chadwick Boseman's absolutely amazing performance gave life to James Brown's unbelievable life story and helped make a good movie a great one.

Joe S (jp) wrote: this was a very beautiful heartfelt very wonderful I gave it A5