Un poquito de tanta verdad

Un poquito de tanta verdad

A look at how an oppressed community can organize and overcome insurmountable odds to gain control of its government-run media in order to overthrow their corrupt governor. The documentary ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:uprising,   media,   corrupt,  

A look at how an oppressed community can organize and overcome insurmountable odds to gain control of its government-run media in order to overthrow their corrupt governor. The documentary ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alyssa M (kr) wrote: it was a good movie dont get ne wrong, but i did not like the end. iy was kind of predictable, and when it happened i just knew that the person would do that.

Ash M (gb) wrote: I have seen every Bond movie made at least 10 times, and Skyfall for is one of my favorites. Sam Mendes teamed up with the right cinematographer (Deakins)

Gerch R (ca) wrote: c'est pitoyablement bon :)

Ty G (br) wrote: Best one since part 2

Brice B (ag) wrote: C'est loufoque et un peu drole

Justin O (au) wrote: As a kid, David Leary (Rick Moranis) was put through hell by the school bully, Rosco Bigger a.k.a. Fang (Tom Arnold). He would push him around, beat him up and even destroyed his prized Evil Knievel toy. When David discovers that Fang stole a moon rock, he rats him out leaves for Oakland (his father was transferred). David becomes a successful author, and is asked to return to his hometown to teach Creative Writing. When he arrives, he learns that his former bully is now the Wood Shop teacher. Their rivalry from their childhood is rekindled, as Rosco makes David's life a living hell once again. In the midst of this, David's son Ben (Blake Bashoff) is bullying Rosco's son Kirby (Cody McMains) in the truest form of irony. Big Bully showed promise, but fell apart once the main plot took action. Seeing two grown men act like juvenile adolescents wasn't funny, as it was quite sad, actually. I would've been more tolerable of the situation if Steve Miner didn't try to make me care for Rosco just ten minutes prior to his sudden change back to being a bully. It felt as if they had two different drafts of Big Bully, but couldn't decide on which one to settle on. So, they mixed them together as one. During one scene, you're supposed to feel bad for Rosco, as he had a bad childhood once he was sent to reform school. The next minute, you're supposed to hate him since he's back to his bullying ways on his former target, David. Miner shafts character development out of the way for cheap gags, and it falls flat on its face. Nowhere did I find comedy in one man trying to nearly kill a man (via attempted shooting with a nail gun and attempting to light him on fire). And all of this takes place in a PG movie (along with young kids swearing). There was an interesting side story between the two teachers kids (as mentioned earlier), but Miner doesn't give enough screen time to a plot that would've worked more (the bully's son being picked on by his former target makes for a much more interesting plot). This isn't the only time Miner does this, as he builds three different minor plots (Sex Ed teacher and former crush of David, Victoria Tucker (Julianne Phillips) flirting, Science teacher Clark (Curtis Armstrong) being petrified of David, and David's eccentric neighbors (Jeffrey Tambor & Faith Prince) always sticking their nose where it doesn't belong), but pushes them aside until the final act. Once the final act takes place, any life lesson it tries to convey doesn't pan out, since none of the side characters had any time to develop. They felt rushed in to tie everything together. Big Bully showed promise, but had no idea what to do once it got to the main plot. Miner seemed to have two different ideas, and wedged them together. This made for a convoluted mess that wasn't funny nor insightful.

Peter S (nl) wrote: I can't remember any other film franchise in which the hero receives nothing but loss, in its (pretended to be) last chapter. Sly, What were you thinking?

Jack G (nl) wrote: watched it many times

Mohd S (us) wrote: Not good enough as compare to She Wolf of the SS, but still worth to watch it.

Aj V (kr) wrote: Do we ever figure out why the "bad guys" want to know what the hieroglyphics mean? I can't recall, and I don't think I understood this movie when I saw it. Maybe I need to watch it again, but this movie is really confusing, and boring at times. You'd think that Peck and Loren would bring some life to it, and I think they try, but the movie just isn't that good.

Smashproplaya (nl) wrote: Movie is good, but the musical was better.

Chinmai R (mx) wrote: It's been at least five years since i've seen it, so I'd love to see it again. I remember it being a very nice story.