Un posto tranquillo

Un posto tranquillo

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Un posto tranquillo torrent reviews

Matt M (ca) wrote: So very very very bad!

Ellie L (nl) wrote: such a cute movie with a behind-the-scene thriller... very good. =)

Sarah J (ru) wrote: Oh really? Come on. Who would cast Neve as a NYC sex symbol? I enjoy a great score in a movie, but the music overpowered every scene. It was like "turn down the piano for G's sake!" Not a favorite or a must see. In fact, it was so un-enjoyable I forgot the end... ah thats right it was predictable bc Vera was a spoiled manipulative brat.

Eugene K (br) wrote: I never really liked this sequel. Just felt unneeded to me, just a way to milk the critical success of the first film.Worst part is that most of the original cast get very limited screentime.

Olufemi S (ca) wrote: There are stories, and there are collections of interesting scenes. This movie is the latter. No amount of intriguing characters, great performances, or awesome direction can fix that.It may be time for me to admit to myself I plain don't like Paul Thomas Anderson's writing.

Miguel R (us) wrote: Comedy done right thanks to Cameron Crowe's dazzling direction, Jerry Maguire is a humorous, touching, and memorable good time

David W (de) wrote: Two Words: Clint Eastwood

Derek A (es) wrote: It was actually better than I expected. Way better than Pearl Harbor

Justin M (us) wrote: I wouldn't've watched this had Liv Tyler not been in it. Fairly typical horror setup (cabin in the woods, inane protagonists, cut phone lines, etc.) with a view genuinely unsettling scares. Ignore the 'true story' BS.