Un surîs în plina vara

Un surîs în plina vara


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Un surîs în plina vara torrent reviews

Georgiana A (ru) wrote: Not bad but a bit predictable. I was disappointed with the singing and music which isn't true to the era. Also, much of the language is too contemporary. I couldn't really get into it. The acting is good, as are the production values. Some shots and pans are unnecessary.

Tracey F (mx) wrote: What is the point???

Tracy F (ag) wrote: Eh. Dennis Quaid is the star. Enough said.

Sanket S (us) wrote: humor..suspense..action...luv... all in all a good film.as described, 99 is a "smart comedy" set in 1999, all the characters are bound by a common feeling of being stuck at 99 in life - just one run short fr a 'century'- that elusive thing called "making it" in life!

Jenn T (mx) wrote: Not bad but an extremely weird plot combination (a car thief/minister?)

emily h (kr) wrote: eh not a big fan of this

Jason M (nl) wrote: Entertaining action, with the right amount of style. Muscle cars equipped with machine guns and rocket launchers proved to be a really fun formula.

Christie B (ru) wrote: stupid movie about pot.

Duncan K (au) wrote: This is by no stretch a good movie but it knows exactly what it is and due to a truckload of sword and sorcery silliness and a heavy metal soundtrack I found this entertaining in a laughable sense. This is a perfect example of a movie that is on my "to watch while drunk'" list, then it's a lot of fun. It's not a very long list but it does exist.

Brandy L (ag) wrote: When I was young I recorded this movie onto a cassette tape so I could listen to it in my car on road trips.

Jesus A (br) wrote: A pure delight... and some people in my country SHOULD see it.

katsist (mx) wrote: Worst propaganda movie. Nice way to legitimize a racist agenda with terrible acting.

Dave R (mx) wrote: The kids like it when I pick out a movie from long ago that I liked, so we picked up this second of two Philo Beddoe movie with Clint Eastwood. I'm pretty surprised that this only has a 20% tomato meter rating, as I thought just about anything Clint Eastwood gets a positive review. This one isn't as good as the first Beddoe movie Every Which Way but Loose, but it's certainly lighter. The hotel scene is really funny with the courtship going on in three different rooms. The music is pretty horrible in this thing though.

Monica P (ru) wrote: loved this one---loved this one