Un toro da monta

Un toro da monta

An impotent husband is inspired by the bull that he inherited from his father and finds the lost virility.

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Un toro da monta torrent reviews

Roopa M (es) wrote: Nicely shot, only disappointment was Rani's portrayal of the journalist

Dave S (kr) wrote: Para ser honesto, no pens que fuera a ser peor que la primera.

Arnaud N (ag) wrote: Less boring than the 2nd, it's still bad with crappy visual effects and a pathetic story.

Ian P (de) wrote: Well acted. I enjoyed this UK drama that's been misclassified as a horror/thriller, though it does contain some of those elements. The film reminded me of the 1986 Australian TV movie 'Fortress' adapted from the Faraday School kidnapping events in 1972.

Justin J (br) wrote: The blood is the only reason why i gave this movie 1 and a half of a star the acting was kind of bad...really bad and the concept of the story seems...non original....poor movie. Probably shouldnt see this....

Eoghan C (gb) wrote: It goes off to a misstep with a narration from a character that's not the main protagonist and spoils the entire film. Many of the characters are bland and most occasions stupid. all because the filmmakers are too dumb to do research on medical procedures and operations. Hayden Christensen's character who spends most of the time under the knife, ruins the suspense with awful voice-over and the out of body experience after hitting a writing brick wall.It contains sub plots that are unresolved and forced red herrings. As mentioned it throws medical accuracy out the window, that your average person can spot. There are numerous plot holes, including when one of the doctors asked if Jessica Alba look familiar. She bluntly showed her engagement ring and he just says "didn't think so." Another plot hole is the fact Alba's character goes to the hospital where Hayden's operation takes place, which is where she used to work; anybody could have recognized her and searched through the hospital records. Another stupid thing is the main character picks his friend with 5 malpractice suits against him and other doctors who work with him, instead of a more professional and perfect heart surgeon.Somebody should take this concept and get it right to show Joby Harold how to make a thriller about anesthetic awareness, and focus more on medical accuracy as well.

karen j (ru) wrote: this film was jokessss i sen this when i was 10 u no lol

George B (us) wrote: I actually really enjoyed this, I was expecting crap after the horrid second film. I really like some of the effects and cheesiness they did with this. The leader this time around is actually pretty creepy.

Julia M (ag) wrote: This is one heavy duty chiller, made all the better by several first rate performances. This is no lightweight movie, but genuine horror. Powerful and shocking in it's denoument. Sadly it is under-rated and nearly forgotten. Brilliant movie.

Adrian E (nl) wrote: I'm into cryptozoology so this should be of interest for me to watch.

Orlok W (au) wrote: A solid example of the Hollywood 'B' movie--A film that lets Lorre be Lorre!!