Un uomo a metà

Un uomo a metà


Jacques Perrin was awarded Best Actor at the 1966 Venice Film Festival for his gripping portrayal of a young writer's descent into madness. Alienated, neurotic, and plagued by guilt, Perrin retreats from reality, loses interest in work, and comes to the brink of suicide before being sent to an asylum for shock therapy. Escaping from the asylum, Perrin returns to his boyhood home, where he learns the reasons for his present mental state. The strong supporting cast, including Lea Padovani and Pier Paolo Capponi, bring credence to their roles, but it is De Seta's direction, Perrin's controlled performance, and a relatively subtle score by Ennio Morricone which keep this film from becoming as overwrought as it might have become in other hands. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee (nl) wrote: Still unsure if this was a terrible spoof of John Carpenter's "Halloween" or just another formulaic rip-off! It's pretty abysmal and entertains for all the wrong reasons. The acting and dialogue a laughably bad - all intended by the makers? It lacks gore or any other sleaze factor too which was a shame as its list of redeeming features is next to none. You'll have a laugh at this though if you can tolerate bad horror movies.

Matt C (br) wrote: This movie was great! Very funny!

Harlan H (au) wrote: It was alright but nowhere near as good as H.G.'s War of the Worlds. The idea wasn't terrible but it was quite boring.

Eric R (ag) wrote: A story about essentially post-war domesitc bliss. Dick Powell plays John Forbes, a man whom appears to have the model life but as we learn he yearns for some adventure. De Torh's film is a study of the structured man gone astry. Dick Powell is fantastic as are pretty much everyone. Ande De Toth seems to be director that seems to get no recognition but man he deserves it.

Crystal E (mx) wrote: Enjoyable though a little slow to start. Not going to be for everyone but if you like dystopias, tech movies or Arthur C Clark you should enjoy it.

Praveen S (mx) wrote: Perfection....a kind of movie that comes very rarely....

Fran H (fr) wrote: Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn make a great and often hilarious team. They always play pretty much the same characters in all their films, but they're likable and funny. And Vince Vaughn, with his fast-talking, stream-of-consciousness comedy, is always watchable. If it wasn't for these two guys, the movie would probably be a waste. The plot is irrelevant, it's just a vehicle for these guys to clown. Good movie, often hilarious, and something I can watch over and over for a laugh. And Will Ferrell as Chaz is absolutely hilarious...."Almost nunchucked you. you don't realise how lucky you are."

Delia W (fr) wrote: Overall not bad. Just wierd how sometimes it was filmed like a documentary and most of the time not. A film crew would never bring a camera to a gun fight and record right in the middle of it.