Un uomo in ginocchio

Un uomo in ginocchio

Nino, a regular working-class guy, finds that a hitman has been hired to kill him. He discovers that a wealthy woman has been kidnapped and that everyone who was involved in it is being ...

Nino, a regular working-class guy, finds that a hitman has been hired to kill him. He discovers that a wealthy woman has been kidnapped and that everyone who was involved in it is being ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ia S (nl) wrote: with tochie :) nakakatuwa naman yung download. <3

Andres V (br) wrote: Bella, suave, calmada, sencilla. Buen cine de corte social sobre la historia de dos chicos en Londres. Uno es inmigrante polaco y el otro es un "gamin" de las tierras medias de la isla. Por cosas de la vida terminan de amigos y enamorados de la misma chica, lo cual suena estupido pero en la pelicula se lleva muy bien porque la historia fluye de forma muy natural y aprovecha para mostrarnos la vida de las clases bajas en el primer mundo de una forma muy similar al agradable Loach. Cine sencillo que vale la pena ver.

Vanessa B (ca) wrote: Naomi Watts is brilliantly hysterical in this film

Bert M (br) wrote: predictable, not delivering on promises

Carlos Eduardo J (nl) wrote: filme curiosamente interesante com um conseito historico para beisebol

Barry T (au) wrote: checked this out a few times and it is totally under-rated....pull the curtains shut,get some nibbles and beer,and give it a go.

Philip S (fr) wrote: Jeff Bridges' 1996 starring vehicle, White Squall, was originally marketed as an action movie. But the reality of this high seas story is that it is a coming of age story for a group of young men aboard a windjammer. That's not entirely a bad thing, though. While most of the movie's marketing is centered around the story's final climactic storm scene, it's the story itself that makes this movie worth the watch.Writer Todd Robinson's adaptation of Charles Gieg, Jr. and Felix Sutton's book The Last Voyage of the Albatross, will keep its audience's attention for its entire two hour and seven minute run time. As the young men are learning the basics of seamanship before heading out of port, Robinson foreshadows the troubles to come when one of them comes far too close to accidentally hanging himself. It rather contradicts the belief that the albatross is a good luck charm. For those that may not know, this is a direct reference to Samuel Ttaylor Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Rather than having good luck, the young men have to face Cuban miltiary forces on their way to the infamous Bay of Pigs and even an unstable crewmate who does something so terrible that it makes Sheldon (Jeff Bridges) throw him off of the boat. They also have to get shots for STD's after their encounters with a group of Dutch girls to whom they play host to for a short while. Through it all, the crew becomes close friends, and grow to be men during their voyage, helping to save each other in the final climactic storm scene. The only real major downside to this entire movie would be that after the final storm scene, the story drags on for roughly another twenty minutes or so that it didn't need. Other than that, White Squall is a good action/drama that still holds its own over fifteen years after its original debut.

Bill T (ca) wrote: I wasn't a big fan of the original Beastmaster, but it's Citizen Kane compared to it's sequel, which goes for campy laughs, but falls flat on it's face when it, well, goes for campy laughs, and usually for the wrong reasons. It stars out promisingly, with Marc Singer and Wings Hauser grunting at each other menacingly in the barren land they possess, but when valley girl comes along, ugh, forget it, as it takes a time portal storyline and all the 90's nuisances that go along with it, that takes this movie beyond bad. Its one of those 90's movies that you have to wonder if youre in a time portal yourself, because everything is atrocious, from the clothes, to the music, to the stereotypes (Gay fashion store clerk! Exasperated black police chief!). The film doesnt make a lot of sense, characters dissapear inexplicably, and yes, Marc Singer, poor guy, makes that ridiculous chirping sound to his hawk. Wow. Use your own discretion.

Adam S (it) wrote: Louis Malle and Jean-Claude Carriere's entry in the tried and true Country Mansion genre, with the always welcome Michel Piccoli overseeing the gathering of his extended family for his mother's funeral. Funny and moving, with a bit of politics (sexual and otherwise), and Bunuelian surrealism (courtesy of Carriere, a Bunuel collaborator), with a wonderfully eccentric and gifted cast.

Christian A (gb) wrote: All I need to say is go and watch the movie. Then watch it again because trust me, you're gonna want to.

Kade C (mx) wrote: As suspenseful as it is interesting, Captain Philips is a very well done biopic. Tom Hanks is incredible as as usual playing real life ship captain Richard Philips. Such an intense film that is not only powerful but informative to these unfortunately true events.

Sam O (au) wrote: Cool story, cool visuals

Lyra T (ca) wrote: This movie was fairly interesting, with intriguing concepts and a well thought-out storyline. The problem for me was really that it was hard to keep the plot lines separate while watching the movie and at times, I was extremely confused. For example, when they said that Jesse, Raju and Gita were all the reincarnations of Lama Dorje, I couldn't help but want to hear a little bit about that analogy. There was a lot going on and I felt as if nothing was truly explained. However, I really liked the cinematography and the way the story played out. I felt as if it was an interesting movie to watch, especially because I had background knowledge on Buddhism. If you don't know anything about Buddhism, this is probably not a good movie to watch, which is why I give it a standard rating. In my opinion, movies should be able to be understood universally and this movie is certainly not one of those.

Lilian L (mx) wrote: At the beginning, Frank tore the checks up every time and called Sarah to send him again .. It's actually a kind of creepy part to watch xD