Una bella governante di colore

Una bella governante di colore


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Ro D (gb) wrote: Could be better, u don't need to try the "Haneke" shoot, u're not Haneke

Jacob M (es) wrote: When The Game Stands Tall is an exciting film starring Jim Cavizel as the head coach of a high school football team in California. It is based off of a true story and this particular team had a 150 game winning streak. This film shows the hardships of the team and how they overcome adversity through the season. Spoiler Alert! In this film the team comes off of a 150 game winning streak. At the start of the season in the first game they end up losing which for them is very disappointing. For the team it's very hard on them and they have to overcome this loss. The same attitude of the team from the first game carries on to the next three. It's not until the middle of season they start to overcome this loss and pull themselves back together with the help of their coach. In this exciting drama it has all of the clich parts, characters, and even settings you would expect to see in a football movie. It has the hardships, celebrations, and the mindset of overcoming everything to be one team and act as a football "family". It even has the kid who's dad is kind of a jerk just wanting him to bring a trophy or to play good. Aside from all of that it has its sad moments and it's good moments. This film also has its own aspects to a football game too though. What makes a good movie is the acting, story plot, and how the movie is played out. I saw all of these components in this film. It has good acting, maybe not the exact best but good enough for it to make it a great movie. Not only is the acting good but so is the story line and it follows the actual story exactly how it was in real life, it tells the story and portrays it very well. This film follows the story plot very well and you actually get a feel of what it was like for this team to overcome the adversity they did. This movie I gave a five star rating not only because I'm into these kinds of movies but because I would recommend it to others as well. It is a great movie. I might not recommend to go pay to se it at the movies but I would definitely recommend someone to watch it whenever it comes on and they have some free time to watch it.

Joseph S (de) wrote: Not necessarily the best acting, but the story is amazing (much like Pearl Harbor, you can remove the whole love story). It shows a good depiction of what goes on in a POW's mind, escaping, waiting, fighting, the end....etc.

Chetan (ca) wrote: The best film of Shilpa Shetty.

John Z (mx) wrote: Once in a while, an extraordinary film comes along and changes everything. This is one of them.

Jeffrey M (kr) wrote: I have to admit this is a strange movie but I do like it. A good film by Savage Steve Holland, who gave us great comedy films like "Better Off Dead" and "One Crazy Summer".

Igor M (fr) wrote: One of Moretti's best works. I watch this movie regularly every year. Too bad that it is a very Italian product and many jokes\observations are not easy to translate. Psychological thriller mixed with comedy. Big metaphor of life, consumerism, religion, cultural decadence.

Michael D (br) wrote: Paapi (Sinner) is a movie with several strange twists throughout. There is more drama than a soap opera and plenty of action to keep you on your toes. Typical, interesting 70's Bollywood fare.

Phil H (es) wrote: Yes that's right, before the dreadfully bland CGI update there was this much better film, I bet many of you didn't know the 2013 film was an updated remake huh. This film is loosely based on the old fable 'Jack the Giant Killer' and not the fairytale 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.The film takes place in merry old England, Cornwall, which is ruled by a good king. At this time the Princess is being crowned so she may rule as Queen, but the evil banished sorcerer 'Pendragon' returns and tricks the King and Princess into accepting a gift that will eventually steal her away back to the evil sorcerers castle. Long story short 'Jack' is chosen to set sail for this castle and rescue the Princess in true fairytale style.What really hits you about this film straight away is the lavish production values. Immediately in the first scene you can tell this film had a lot of highly skilled people working on it from costumes to sets and props. Everybody in every scene looks quite elegant in their royal fairytale ceremonial splendour, of course its not meant to be realistic so its all bright colours, bold makeup and lots of artistic license by American's on what old England apparently looked like. You can easily compare this film to 'The Wizard of Oz' in terms of in your face technicolour.The characters are nothing exciting really, stereotypical hero, Princess, King, evil wizard, slimy sidekick etc...its all here and utterly cliched to the hilt. But this is 1962, this is what they did back then, the difference was the charming performances by the stars and the quaint yet magnificent visuals.Once again Torin Thatcher steals the show as Pendragon the evil sorcerer (great name). Despite looking like 'Emperor Ming the Merciless' this character is perfectly dastardly and gloriously sinister, the facial hair helps. What I love about Torin (and many old stars of the silver screen) is the fact you can understand every word he says, his speech is perfect, his motions are perfect...the man was a perfect performer. Yes his performance would be viewed by today's standards as ultra cheesy, yes it is very pantomime-like, but its so enjoyable to watch and hear him speak. Listening to him plot his devious schemes whilst rubbing his claw-like hands together is just so cool.Kerwin Matthews is once again our hero and he does a sterling job of it too. Admittedly his performance mirrors his performance for 'Sinbad' to the point that they could be the same character but hey the guy was dashing.Effects wise this film is poor, really really poor, Harryhausen quality stop motion you say? no. The action sequences involving stop motion are absolutely awful, some of the worst I've ever seen, it looks like a child has made the creatures out of play-doh. On top of that the creatures are laughable, just horrible! worst ever!! really ruins the film to be honest. The giant 'Cormoran' also looks suspiciously like the cyclops from 'The seven voyages of Sinbad', hmmm. There is also much bluescreen/superimposing as you might expect with a film like this, some not too bad, some nasty, but that's a given.A true family film to be sure, the visuals are a display of classic fairytale pageantry set within the classic story of goodies vs baddies. Torin and his spooky crew of glowing demon-like witches are the best thing going here as they all prance about in their cobweb ridden castle. You feel yourself wanting to shout out 'he's behind you!!' at times, its all very cute. Think the 'Wicked Witch of the West' and her flying monkeys...but much much tamer and adorable. Although I must admit some of the witch costumes are quite scary close up (mainly the facial masks), for kids at least. Some look a bit like 'Ghostface' from the scream franchise whilst some are more skeletal, quite macabre.The only thing that springs to mind is the fact the film is called 'Jack the Giant Killer', yet Jack only kills one giant at the start. So again like the new film there isn't actually much giant killing at all really, plenty of spell casting and witchcraft though.

King L (ru) wrote: Poignant story about a woman who gave up her child for adoption at a young age. Mother and daughter lead separate lives. The mother upon discovering her daughter's death she reconnects with her granddaughter later in her life.

surendra d (nl) wrote: sharon stone is awasome