Una donna per tutti

Una donna per tutti

Malu plays a woman held up in their criminal cases boyfriend. Film in the lungs traditions of the genre tells the story of suffering and the sexual outrages innocent girl in jail.

Malu plays a woman held up in their criminal cases boyfriend. Film in the lungs traditions of the genre tells the story of suffering and the sexual outrages innocent girl in jail. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Una donna per tutti torrent reviews

Jacob D (nl) wrote: Truly awful if it's a comedy it's not funny if it's a drama it's not sad so it's just a horrible pretentious movie.

M L (jp) wrote: Intense, compelling, I couldn't look away.

Chiara M (au) wrote: Sordi and Gassman are great! I love this movie: funny and touching!

Lucero C (mx) wrote: Awful acting and writing, personally I didn't care for it!

Nicholas D (ru) wrote: I only saw this movie for one reason. Maynard. Obviously. And he made it worth watching. Deputy Lance is a man of action. The rest of the movie was just so-so. The plot was pretty good and unique. The movie was shot very well, too. The problem lies in the editing, a good bit of the acting and the dialogue. I did like how the song played during the credits was an APC song, though.

Maureen S (es) wrote: Saw the movie years ago, very funny.

Kristen G (au) wrote: Haha this movie is awesome

Dave A (es) wrote: It's hard to imagine a film further away from the tackiness of Bollywood than this hard hitting, hugely controversial Indian drama (based on a true story) about Poolan Devi, born of a low caste and married off, aged 11, to an abusive man 20 years her senior.Eventually, she escapes, and fights her way up to become a legendary Robin Hood like leader of a gang of outlaws...

Ruby (fr) wrote: If you want mindless gore for the sake of gore, this is not the movie for you it's a tragic drama. This is a skillful retelling of an ancient tale. The horror is not in it's bloodshed, but in the terrible fate of an innocent boy's infection with "the curse of the werewolf". The film is very well paced with lots of high drama underscored by great characterization and acting through out. Oliver Reed's performance as Leon, the gentle young man cursed with the savagery of a werewolf, is powerful and compelling.

Alailson B (nl) wrote: As atuaes do trio protagonista so de altssimo nvel, ajudadas pelo roteiro correto e a direo quase que s em cenrio de Bergman.

Morris N (ru) wrote: This movie didn't hold my interest. The problem was they cast the wrong woman as Grant's love interest. Mansfield is hilarious.

Aj V (nl) wrote: This was a good movie, a sad, romantic, and sometimes a bit humourous story, with good actors. Just note that Chaplin only directs the movie, he doesn't act in it. Overall, it's a good movie, but there were a couple of boring scenes in the middle of the movie.

Brendan R (es) wrote: Loved so much of the scenery and characters as more than animations. There are some great songs in there as well. Quite enjoyable.

Tony V (de) wrote: I liked it in the beginning BUT the rest REALLY!

John T (us) wrote: Nina dies and then whenever the ex-fianc sleeps with his new girlfriend, she appears. (Kind of sexy at times, but didn't really love this. It kind of dragged on, and although it was an interesting concept, it wasn't enough to hold the who,e movie).

Nicholas L (kr) wrote: Kiss the girls brings out the acting artistry of Ashley Judd. Her works here is riveting, showing both range and depth. It is a pity that she has less movie roles these days. Morgan Freeman is doing Morgan Freeman so there is nothing to review. It does not drag and it does not have unnecessary dialogue. Whoever likes serial killer thrillers will certainly find Kiss the girl delightful.

Pablo G (gb) wrote: I cannot say with complete acurracy what the movie was trying to go for in its entirety as It deals with many emotions and situations that ultimately help to create this adventurous and dramatic film. It is intriguing, heartwarming, funny, and it keeps you interested all the way until the final 30 minutes when everything is revealed without loosing any of the charm. And thats how I would describe this documentary; charming, well made, well paced, well written, and worth a watch.