Una hora más en Canarias

Una hora más en Canarias

Claudia is an attractive and enterprising thirties forming an ideal family with her husband and son. Her life is perfect, even she has a handsome lover named Paul who takes phenomenal. ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Una hora más en Canarias torrent reviews

Arslan K (nl) wrote: One of my favorite animated movie. Amazing story!

Hannah M (de) wrote: The story is pretty good, but the acting is just mediocre. Overall a decent made-for-television movie.

Bryan S (kr) wrote: Horror thriller from William Malone (House On Haunted Hill) about a young girl (Cherilyn Wilson) who suffers from a severe medical condition where she can't stay awake. With the help from a boy (Dylan Purcell) who cares deeply about her, sets out to find a cure to her condition which was given to her by her maniac killer father who claims his prey by hypnotizing them into killing those around them and themselves. Though not a gem still a very well crafted indie horror flick that gives the suspense and the gore as well as excellent special effects. Horror vet Jeffrey Combs co-stars.

Chris C (ca) wrote: was never interested...was never gonna be interested

Sarah F (ca) wrote: i would like to see this

Irene M (nl) wrote: Don't waste your time...WATCH THE ORIGINAL....EAT, DRINK, MAN, WOMAN...MUCH BETTER!!!

Joel A (ag) wrote: A rather bland, unfunny comedy match up of Tim Allen & Kirstie Alley, there a few cute scenes here & there but ultimately this film falls very short.The story of two richy's who loose their money but still pretend they have it until the IRS chase them out of town & they end up in an Amish village.You think this film would work but it doesn't, they don't have chemistry together & the script is poorly written, watch with caution.

G Brandon H (nl) wrote: Macy's performance is terrific and Mamet's script is lean and taught. However, Mamet's direction this time out has little of the energy he usually infuses his scripts with, making for an overly dry movie. I also wasn't particularly fond of lead actress, Eisenstadt. Occasionally she nails a scene but too often she seems confused by the stylized dialogue.

jennifer r (br) wrote: till this day I love this movie

Daniele C (jp) wrote: Michael Douglas really deserved admiration in the old good days. He is simply a master in portraying the slow fall of the character D-FENS, so insane, so visceral, so REAL. The movie itself is simple but gets straight to the point and the message of the movie (the criticism toward the capitalistic society) can also be applied to the present society, after 21 years. Great job!

stephen w (nl) wrote: A movie starring Vanilla Ice.Need i say more?

Katie O (ca) wrote: Cliques, mean girls, and murder(?) Michael Lehmann's "Heathers" (1989) takes your classic high school drama and gives it a dark twist. Staring a young Winona Ryder as the protagonist, Veronica, "Heathers" stands apart from every teen drama you've seen before. It is a black comedy that deals with high school and adolescent angst. Veronica is a member of her school's most exclusive clique, the Heathers, a group consisting of three girls sharing the name sake and now Veronica. The Heathers are your average mean girls, worshiped by everyone despite tormenting their lesser peers. Veronica, however, has empathy for those who they bully and has a sense of understanding that what they are doing is wrong. She befriends and soon begins to date the mysterious JD (Christian Slater), your typical bad boy. After a fight with Heather Chandler (Kim Walker) at a college party, Veronica makes a Faustian bargain with JD, when making a hangover concoction, that does anything but help Heather's headache. To reveal anything more would give too much away, you'll just have to watch and see. Despite being a young adult drama, "Heathers" has something for everybody. The sophisticated movie viewers will be pleased as it uses chiasmus and Gestus acting along with other Epic Theater elements such as the over exaggerating of words and gestures. Even the cynics will be laughing at Veronica's snappy, dry one liners. So, if you love teen angst, dark humor, and/or sophisticated film elements, "Heathers" is the movie for you!

David T (us) wrote: i liked everything (story/effects/acting)

Levi D (jp) wrote: Childhood movie. Makes me feel warm inside.

Brian A (ru) wrote: This was one of the worst movies I have every seen. I would give it a negative five stars if I could. It look like it was shot on a flip phone.

Jayakrishnan R (es) wrote: 72%Saw this on 22/5/16After a rather explosive first 45 minutes, the film succumbs into boredom, slow paced thick melodrama and a lack of genuine romance is always felt. James MacAvoy gives a fine performance and the film has some twists towards the end and a few horrid war images. However, it still lacks in romantic heft and emotional content.