Una piccola impresa meridionale

Una piccola impresa meridionale

Mamma Stella is on edge. As if she hadn't got enough trouble already with her daughter Rosa Maria, who has left her husband now Costantino, her son, has disrobed. Afraid to be the talk of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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nefnie l (br) wrote: This is a movie one must pay close attention to but wouldn't mind, because it is very captivating. This is a convoluted story (not in a bad way), because it is like being in the mind of a schizophrenic. It allows the viewer to see the hallucinations, the paranoia, and the altered reality one would expect from someone with this mental illness. The story twists and turns and does not wrap up in a nice pretty picture. Tomei does a wonderful job interpreting this illness for us, and the supporting cast does a good job keeping up with her.

jason b (es) wrote: this is a good film :)

William W (au) wrote: Foreign, German. An excellent film! Quality film, great sets, great costumes, good story and based on an actual event. I highly recommend it!

Karen E (au) wrote: Loved it. Highly recommend. Intriguing.

Tyler J (ru) wrote: This movie was okay! Not the worst of course as Like every scary movie It's FUNNY INAPPROPRIATE GOOD AND PLA PLA PLA!

Mt (it) wrote: story and songs very nice

Yury D (ru) wrote: This movie may be all you say it is, but hey, *somebody* funded it.

Grant K (nl) wrote: Utterly forgettable dreck made worse by underutilizing a magnificent cast.

Tim M (ag) wrote: In 1900 foreigners were beseiged in the Beijing's Legation Quarter. An eigth nation alliance worked together to end the siege. "This is a somewhat disappointing Taiwanese effort that tries to cover too much ground with too few resources. The film is more of a throwback to vintage Shaw Brothers style kung fu with poorly executed wirework thrown in. The plot in the first half of the film meanders between Cheung San's courtship to Miss Wong, his displays of drunkenness over the loss of six reformists, and a ongoing grudge with the man responsible for their deaths. The second half shifts the focus to the foreigners, horribly played by blonde wig-toting Asians as San and Wong attempt to help the people of Peking after the officials have fled... Hong Kong veteran, Kara Hui gives an enjoyable performance with good displays of martial arts. The performance by Hsu Chi-wai as the 'Drunken Tiger' is also fun to watch yet neither can save the sub-standard quality of the film. The flow of the story is choppy with obvious absences of transition scenes. You can easily spot wires swinging characters around in a frequently unnatural fashion. While the locals, including use of the The Great Wall add a bit of grandeur, the attempt to chronicle the Boxer rebellion reduces the film to a high cheese-factor... Old school kung fu fans may enjoy this one if they disregard any pretense of taking this film seriously." - Mark Pollard, Kung Fu Cinema

Peter W (de) wrote: Alberto Sordi in one of his most memorable performances. This comedy is a masterpiece. I never miss it on TV.

BEHZAD B (au) wrote: I thought Stephen Boyd and Honor Blackman were great in this movie. They are the only ones I really enjoyed watching here. Like someone else commented, Stephen Boyd is back in his element. He made a great villain. What a shame he died so young!

David K (br) wrote: Want to see real soon

Todd R (ag) wrote: a very compelling and powerful look at people's hidden emotional states. great acting and well put together. i love the scene especially were toni colette visits the housewife and they do this facade then expose their emotional selves but then revert right back to the facade.

Matt S (jp) wrote: Pretty good bit confusing though

Dax S (ag) wrote: Very good, the first one is better, but this one was still very good.

Moon M (ca) wrote: Lush sensuality, fresh actors, resonant character-driven story and superb direction. Loved it!