Una pura y dos con sal

Una pura y dos con sal

Young woman engineers a reconciliation between her long-estranged parents.

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Una pura y dos con sal torrent reviews

Mark B (ru) wrote: Great conclusion to the trilogy.

Rifat R (nl) wrote: Well presented movie, liked the way they positively finished it. Though I m not a happy ending lover, it is always good to see a positive & encouraging finishing. every DEVDAS should learn somthing from this film ... " U should NEVER let Ur TRUE LOVE go away "

Charlie M (au) wrote: A great movie about What is Art? Very funny!

Sarah C (es) wrote: I wish there was MORE to the plot and more drama. I found myself creating a plot of my own by the end of the movie.

Mona B (us) wrote: Beautiful. Painful. Beautiful. Rip mike Nichols.

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Could be worth watching. Will find and devour with my eyes!

Jeffrey M (ca) wrote: I watched this simply because I'm a fan of Kiefer Sutherland, especially in his bad ass roles. While for fans of his the film offers some cool moments, it fails overall. The biggest problem is the lead actress, Melora Walters, who is horrendous. Think of the female version of Mark Wahlberg in The Happening. It's that bad. The plot was also largely nonsensical, with very poorly written dialogue that only Sutherland was able to deliver with any believability. The police also have a bad habit of showing up randomly despite having no apparent actionable intelligence, they just know things.

FiV (fr) wrote: So I've had the soundtrack to this film forever and have always enjoyed it immensely. Having now seen the movie - and it was not what I expected - I can safely say that the film is just as enjoyable. I would recut it a bit differently to get rid of some slightly abrupt scenes, but the idea, the roles, and the overall feeling you get from the movie are quite exquisite.

Vilhjalmur V (it) wrote: Not your basic happy happy joy joy. But very well done.

Laura N (br) wrote: Zombies are used to work the sugar plantations.....how freaking BRILLIANT IS THAT? If the zombies happen to eat a couple of really stupid people on their honeymoon, it's Darwinian. It simply removes them before they can add to the gene pool. Plus, what zombies do on their evenings off is their OWN business.Bela Lugosi is AWESOME. The only thing that would make this better is if at the end Madeline eats Neal's FACE.

Christian T (gb) wrote: Good to see James Remar in a leading role ... talented character actors deserve a chance to shine.

E L (ru) wrote: I wonder if Crowe these days wishes he could sweep this under the carpet? A sweet film about father-and-son relationships.

Barry H (jp) wrote: Pretty Disappointed with this film :(