Una storia qualunque

Una storia qualunque

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Anthony L (au) wrote: Well it's better then the first one that's for sure. Went a different route though. Went from Supernatrual to slasher.

Joy H (es) wrote: Living in Chicago area, this was scary but it lack a lot.

richard g (nl) wrote: what a waste of time

Laurie S (gb) wrote: i watched this today and i thought it was brilliant, its a top chick flick and plenty of crying moments!

Charlotte P (mx) wrote: The most moving ending-

Leonardo S (us) wrote: It's so underrated it hurts. Definitely one of Carpenter's finest works.

Garrett C (es) wrote: Witty, quirky, entertaining, and fun revved up to the max. What more do you want?

Pinklama R (gb) wrote: twiggy is awesome...great toe-tapping ,colorful and happy movie...the other girls in the theater were a bit annoying ,but besides that great musical..

Dean K (jp) wrote: Known as Halloween Camp 2 in the UK. Not a bad sequel, although doesn't follow on from the first at all. It's a bit like Friday the 13th, but watchable.