Unang tikim

Unang tikim

The story is, a girl lives alone in a rural area of the Philippines and works as a prostitute. Many of the male villagers in the area want to have sex with her or have crushes on her...

The story is, a girl lives alone in a rural area of the Philippines and works as a prostitute. Many of the male villagers in the area want to have sex with her or have crushes on her... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul J (br) wrote: Stinks. Only managed about 40 minutes before ejecting it ans lleaving the room

Suanne M (kr) wrote: not as good as the first one... but still pretty good :-)

Melanie D (de) wrote: Rather strange little film about a writer who uses his dreams to help him tell the tale of a murdered girl. I didn't love it, but I didn't not like it, either. It was beautiful to look at, that's for sure, the dream sequences were absolutely surreal. But in the end, it suffered from being just a little too self indulgent which made it lag quite severely a few times during the film. 6/10, with maybe an extra .5 going to Val's hair :-p

Antonio T (us) wrote: Aburrida, con un screenplay repetitivo, aun con la infalible actuacion de Williams, el filme se hace tedioso y una mas del monton, olvidable y generica.

Tim L (ag) wrote: Super boring and dumb. SHAKY CAM IS FROM THE DEVIL. The best thing about this movie is at least I watched it with a great person.

William T (kr) wrote: Poignant et irritant a la fois, Dans Paris est un film qui nous perd au milieu avant de se reprendre a la fin.

Ollie W (ca) wrote: Hilarious, informative, shocking and sometimes beautifully documented, Inside Deep Throat provides a glorious behind-the-scenes look at the problematic production and reception of one of mainstream Cinema's most notorious pornographic movies. The observations about the hypocrisies and self-destructive nature of the Porn Industry are somewhat lost in the final scenes and their are obvious flaws when the filmmakers attempt to side with a certain Political ideal, but the fascinating life of Linda Lovelace and the various consequences that plagued the lives of everyone involved, subsequent to the films huge release and the ensuing court-cases, provides an excellent critique of both Republican and Democratic American politics and the emerging sexual revolution in the 1970's.

Becky B (jp) wrote: The lead actors are annoying and uninteresting. I own the movie, but only for Jeremy Piven's supporting role. He is awesome in this movie.

Ca M (mx) wrote: this was a fun watch, it's about a detective with odd methods, or elaborate ways of getting things done. If you like Wes Anderson movies then you will prolly enjoy this one, it's odd but not as odd as his movies.

Allan C (ca) wrote: From writer/director Gary Sherman, who directed the underrated "Vice Squad," "Dead & Buried," "Raw Meat" and "Wanted: Dead or Alive." I'd never seen this one before, but it was a fairly solid little thriller. Staci Keanan, of "Step by Step" and "My Two Dads" fame, is a teen who starts doing phone pranks which lead to a story along the lines of William Castle's "I Saw What You Did and I Know Who You Are." It's a pretty silly thriller, but I have to admit that I was fairly caught up in the story and wanted to see how it ended. Still, it's not up to some of the better B picture Sherman has made.

Paul J (mx) wrote: This is a time piece of cinema. It's a great piece of history and you can tell it was made on the back of the TV series. It has some classic moments in it and the baddies are at their camp best. If you're a fan of the TV series, this is perfect. If you're a fan of the grittier, newer movies and have not seen the TV series, this will be lost on you. If you love cheese, this is perfect. And don't forget the shark repellant spray!!!!

Duygulp D (ca) wrote: It was truly,madly,deeply and clearly a good movie.

Cory R (jp) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Star-studded like Adam Sandler and very few others could do!

Ryan M (nl) wrote: A movie that spoofs action movies that take themselves too seriously ironically takes itself too seriously. There a lot of good ideas in this movie, but nothing comes to fruition. Missed opportunities for some really great commentary are muffled under a standard action plot, and some really great action scenes are, in turn, under-cut by self-referential dialogue.