A chronicle of the life of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner who was taken prisoner by Japanese forces during World War II.

Louis Zamperini is a soldier in World War II. He is a survivor after a plane crash, floating over the ocean in 47 days. He is even captured by Japanese Navy. In enemy’s prison, Zamperini and his friends are tortured by the enemy in both body and mind. Until oneday, he is released and comes back to his hometown. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathaniel O (br) wrote: As a straight man I found the treatment of the gay character offensive and not funny. Dragged on and felt like it was 2 hours long. A few laughs.

Madison M (it) wrote: very gripping and I started crying when perceys mum was taken by the minotar ?????????

Rai R (gb) wrote: Meat Grinder (2009) not at all the thai horror i expected. brilliantly shot, amazing cinematography, disturbing and sad rolled into one. 4/5

Ariel S (ca) wrote: Los chinos estn re locos!

Manch F (ru) wrote: The story is a complete mess if you're unfamiliar with the games and visually I did not think it looked that great. Some lame fan service thrown in too.

Melissa K (mx) wrote: Great movie. Would have given in five stars, but I didn't care for Brad Renfro's acting too much, in certain parts.

Yolanda H (fr) wrote: I watched this movie years ago and from what I remember, I enjoyed it. I plan to add it to my collection. The negative reviews seem like unnecessary rantings.

Adam M (ca) wrote: A lot of people are scared of getting killed, but for a while it seems the main dangers are explosions of chaotic fights and police brutality, allowing for Chow Yun Fat to use comic relief. Then, you realize that people's backs can be slammed against any hard-cornered thing in sight and it makes hand-to-hand fighting seem unromantic. Great camera angles and editing around men in file.

Muhammad J (ca) wrote: This movie is legendary

Manch F (jp) wrote: I don't know about everyone else but I really liked this film. I think people take the acting too seriously in the prequels when its supposed to be cheesy and bad like old Flash Gordon serials but that evidence never seems to click to anyone but me. Maybe its because I don't take Star Wars so seriously and can see what George Lucas is trying to do. But anyway what I really liked was the world building and the continuation of Anakin's character arc from Phantom Menace. John Williams' score is the best in this installment of the saga and helps you buy Anakin and Padme falling in love. The lightsaber battle at the end is kind of meh but thankfully is saved by Yoda. Anyway, I found enough to enjoy from Attack of the Clones, its not perfect but its far from being as bad as some would believe.