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A sleepwalking teen straps a camera to himself and discovers a sinister family secret.

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Steve D (nl) wrote: strange and overly gory. I enjoyed the nods to some far better horror films.

Kaydene D (au) wrote: so I think this movie was absolutely amazing and its too bad it was only made for tv because it tells the story of a true and everliving love and had me in tears the whole time

Linda F (gb) wrote: A semi-sad movie about a man who reluctantly moves his wife of 50yrs into assisted living for early-onset dementia. While in care, she falls in love with another man, much to the husband's dismay.

Faith M (mx) wrote: [size=5][font=Tahoma]Frostbite was a really funny movie... I found it exciting, complicated and amusing... =) Has anyone else watched it? And did they think something simlar? I'm getting married on the 14th of July 2006 [/font][/size]

Julia J (mx) wrote: Yaaay, Hayek manages to be annoying, once again.


Germain A (ru) wrote: bad ass movie since i was a kid

Deadly V (nl) wrote: This movie is simply beautiful. One of the rarest movies you will ever see. Strongly recommended to everyone...

Matthew D (br) wrote: another Hartley collection, this time it's three shorts. a little patchy but still worth checking out.

Brandon M (es) wrote: This one's got all the makings of a good piece of cheese: Bad acting, good hair metal tunes, bare chested women, and rubbery special effects.My favorite scene would have to be the one with the overacting kid throwing his Batman action figures into a fire. The evil voice he made and the way he cackled brought back fond memories of Pee Wee Herman talking to his breakfast.

Lorraine S (us) wrote: I like horror moive and blues song Ms jody

John A (nl) wrote: This is another of the early Chaplin shorts that features poor framing, so that heads are cut off throughout the film. The plot is nonsensical, really just Charlie fighting with lots of people over a woman.

Kristina K (fr) wrote: I love this movie!!!!

Cecily B (de) wrote: I thought this movie was cute. not sure I get exactly why Timothy just showed up. maybe to give then hope and not give up on having a child. Good family movie.

Aman A (it) wrote: Dude, no I mean it, Dude, Dekho. This is one of those films that you hate the fact that you are actually eating in the hall. I am a big popcorn fan and anybody who knows me knows that I go to movies to grab a tub and a large, but in this movie, I was sad I had a tub and a large. I actually didn't finish my tub of 'corn and left it on the ground. I couldn't keep my eyes off it. I wanted to get every nuance, every shot, every feeling, every thought and just... everything. I wanted it all. It made me want to get more even when it gave a lot. I can't get over this film. I want to watch it again. I will watch it again. I may watch it once more after that. This is a film that makes me proud to aspire to be in the industry at some point. It makes me feel proud to be from the country that came up with this. I hope this is the selection of India's highly political charged selection committee for the oscars because I am god damn sure this would be among the top 5 in foreign language. It is filming at its sheer bold best and acting is next level. The one shots, oh, the one shots. At a point in the movie, I found myself sitting raptured with my tongue out in happiness and disbelief at the one shots I was seeing, nay, perceiving. Please, if there is ever a decision you have to make to watch a movie, this has to be your first pick. Please, watch it. Anand Gandhi, I am now an ardent fan.

Wired W (nl) wrote: Dumb T&A Comedy. Other than a couple of pretty faces, this movie has nothing going for it.

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