Uncle Hank

Uncle Hank

Handsome, clever final year law student Koen avoids being beaten up by street thugs by claiming he's a maternal cousin of crime baron Henk de Koning. The next day, Henk praises Koen's wit ...

Handsome, clever final year law student Koen avoids being beaten up by street thugs by claiming he's a maternal cousin of crime baron Henk de Koning. The next day, Henk praises Koen's wit ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Biff L (jp) wrote: Not bad for a B movie

bill s (ru) wrote: Everybody wants to create a Tarantino like movie and this proves that's not easy and here it's impossible.

Darthchewie D (ag) wrote: This is a great film, and for such an epic, none of that Holywood crap

Anas B (de) wrote: one word to sum this one up : lame

Ben L (de) wrote: From what little I knew about Trainspotting, this definitely didn't seem lika a movie that would be in my wheelhouse. Well, surprisingly, I didn't mind it that much. The characters are likable despite their numerous poor decisions. I struggled for awhile because I thought they were glorifying drug use a bit much. But what I figured out as the film progressed, is that any positivity about the heroin is coming from the narrator and his cohorts because they're already hooked on it. Meanwhile what we witness is a contradiction to everything they say, and it shows us how futile these drugs can make your life.I liked the silly little additions to the characters, like Sick Boy's obsession with Sean Connery. It adds just a bit more depth (and realism) to the characters. Ewan McGregor is great in the lead role and that detox scene was ridiculously intense. I also thought Danny Boyle did some fascinating things with the visuals in order to show us what they were experiencing during some of their trips and in the aforementioned detox scene.It's certainly a challenging movie, because it includes a number of aspects that I'd ordinarily hate. Yet, somehow I felt myself forgiving it for a lot. If you put the ending from this movie into any other film it would probably be triumphant in tone. But in Trainspotting it is almost eerie because of what happened leading up to that moment. I can't see myself rushing to watch this film again, but I was pleasantly surprised that I "get it" now and see why it is highly regarded by many.

Paul D (ag) wrote: This movie blew my mind when I first saw it. I have to admit that even though I have seen this movie dozens of times over the years, it still manages to impress me. This is one of James Cameron's best movies and it has a nice message to it. I may have watched it way too many times, but nothing is like seeing it for the first time. Make sure that people still experience this one.

Andrew U (nl) wrote: Like Jeanne Dielman with a dark sense of humour. I think I counted about 200 words of dialogue spoken in the entire film. Kaurismaki's characters are pathetic, awkward and sad - and funny.

Stefan N (gb) wrote: Let's address the film's controversy over its portrayal of Turkey as its nations. Throughout the film, the Turkish are not portrayed in a negative light. Like any other prison drama, some of the inmates and the prison guards as terrible people as it is a "dog eat dog world." The judges have empathy for his situation, and the only other 'terrible' people are those who are using him to fight a political game. Midnight Express doesn't say that Turkish prisons are bad, but that all prisons are bad. If you're in prison, most of the time you made regretful mistakes or are mentally-ill. Why as a society do we insist on punishment? Oliver Stone always has a political message, and here he condemns the governments ruining lives in order to send a message. Stone usually has this flair in his direction, that it's easy to forget his depth of thought and thoroughly thought framing incorporated in the film. While it is a prison drama for half of it's running length (the less interesting half), it also looks at the judicial system in non-Western countries and the mentality. Of course it is stereotypical, but at least its not viciously demeaning of other cultures like "Argo." Brad Davis plays the lead, a young man who tries to smuggle hashish out of Turkey that gets arrested. He is quite subtle most time, but when he needs to shed a tear and scream, he is prepared. An honest performance if there ever was one. John Hurt's character acting is memorable too, but he does play an archetype. The cinematography and set-direction, chosen by director Alan Parker, makes a statement and is not there just to look pretty. Giorgio Moredor's blood-pumping and emotionally challenging score is one of the most memorable themes of the 70's. His range of composition is impressive. Midnight Express is the first time Oliver Stone employed his signature 'innocent youth corrupted by society' theme and it may be his most effective. Alan Parker takes the technicality of Stone and adds emotion making for a thrilling adventure.

Private U (au) wrote: The best docudrama ever.

Nora P (jp) wrote: Not as great as the first flick, but still fun without Haley Mills. THis one had a teen Susan St. James and Connie Stevens as a "mod" young nun out to helpremodel Roz Russel's crabby 'old school' convent. Still fun.

Rodrigo A (fr) wrote: Todd Haynes builds a brutally creepy and dreary world that may be making a suburban woman sick in this existential nightmare that encroaches on the viewer with both terrific set design, spartan yet devastating photography and a prodigious performance in self-control by Julian Moore. You'll feel anything but safe.

John G (mx) wrote: Truly, truly, truly awful. Terribly miscast, badly acted, poorly written, and directed without an ounce of understanding regarding what made the first Terminator so outstanding. In an effort to reconnect with the original storyline it succeeded only in confirming just how amazing the original movie and cast were. Gone is the sad intensity and longing of Kyle Reese, vanished is the deep emotional scars of a Sarah Connor trained to fight against the end of the world. What we're left with is a jacked Jai Courtney who clearly swigs protein drinks and hits the gym in between struggling for survival with time to shampoo and condition. For Christ's sake, these people are living a hell on earth, fighting for scraps of food and hiding in bunkers and rat holes yet they look like their uniforms were freshly laundered. I guarantee there must be someone to turn down their sheets and leave a mint on the pillow.Peppered with lame jokes and asides, poorly timed and realized exposition, terrible acting, zero emotional stakes, non-existent chemistry between the two leads, and a ridiculous premise of why the T-800 is aging (he ages yet can somehow regrow skin like it ain't no thing), this is the most unsatisfying Terminator to date. Even T3 was better than this fiasco. Please, please, please do not make any more. At least until the rights revert to Cameron in 2019. Then maybe. Maybe.