Uncle Hitler

Uncle Hitler


A documentary film taking a contemporary look at the surviving family of Adolf Hitler. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Troy K (ru) wrote: It's watchable, but I wouldn't seek it out.

Orlok W (de) wrote: Those Telepathic Trimble Kids--Predictable!!

Bret T (us) wrote: I don't understand how this film got so much critical praise. It has a view shining moments, but the majority of the movie is unwatchable. I have friends who walked out after 45 mins. The end is pretty good, but not worth sitting through the middle. This would have played better as a short film.

Ferry Andoni A (jp) wrote: Temen gue yang kerja di sebuah majalah film, ngasih recomen ke gue buat nonton film ini. Menurutnya film ini sangat berwarna dan cherrish bgt.. Trus ada satu lagi temen Editor in Chiefnya sebuah majalh film juga, ngasih rekomen juga, jd nambah bikin penasaran aja buat dihunting dan ditonton. Antique, nama sebuah cake shop yang menjadi setting utama dalam film ini, hampie 80 % adegan dalam film ini terjadi di cake shop ini, secara cerita film ini gue bilang sangat biasa, tidak ada sesuatu yang spesial, seperti khasnya film-film drama komedi korea dengan karakter-karakter utama yang selalu flamboyan, ganteng dan disukai banyak orang, kemudian karakter-karakter pendukung yang selalu dibuat konyol dan suka bertindak bodoh. Satu lagi cirikhas yang selalu ada dalam film korea yang juga muncul disini adalah trauma akan kejadian dimasa lalu yang kemudian sangat berpengaruh pada masa sekarang dan bahkan menjadi sub-plot tambahan dengan pengembangan yang mampu mendukung cerita. Yang membuat film ini sangat enak untuk di tonton adalah setting cake shopnya yang sangat detail, colorfull, dengan sentuhan warna-warna cerah yang dipadu padan dengan berbagai macam property yang menarik, terlihat mewah, nyaman dan so cuteeee. Kemudian editing dan visual effectnya untuk scene imajinasi2 karakter utamanya tentang cake-cake juga ditampilkan colorfull. Tentu saja yang menjadi main shownya film ini adalan ratusan jenis cakenya, audiens berhasil dibuat "ngiler" dengan bentuk, warna dan jenis cake.... So... kalau mau nonton film ringan tanpa beban, yang bisa bikin "ngakak", serta tampilan set yang memukau, film ini bisalah untuk dijadikan pilihan buat ditonton... dijamin kelar nonton film ini langsung kepengen nyari cake dehhh....

Misty S (jp) wrote: "This ain't no subterfuge."

Calum B (es) wrote: You don't have to be a fan of brass bands to enjoy "Brassed Off", but it couldn't hurt. The music is a central focus of the film, but not as a compromise to the story of a town in turmoil. Coal mines being shut down in the name of progress puts many men out of work which naturally also jeopardizes the existence of the colliery band. The music combined with brilliant storytelling (and editing) is merely a platform for some superb acting, particularly from Pete Postlethwaite. Having lived all my life in a large metropolitan city, I cannot relate first hand to the plight of a small town community. Despite that, I found the story intriguing even though it may seem the outcome is somewhat predictable. Having just purchased the DVD, I found the brief write-up on the box to be way off the mark. It touts this film as some kind of romantic and hilarious comedy, never once even grazing past the real subject matter of the film. This is another perfect example of the continued miscalculated promotion of a truly well crafted film that "Muriel's Wedding" also fell victim to. I'm not sure what the promoters were thinking, but if you set someone up for a hilarious romantic comedy and what they receive is a thoughtful serious and sometimes depressing film, are they going to be happy just the same? There are graciously some light moments and humourous turns in this otherwise sombre subject matter, but this film doesn't have a happy ending. But it sure does have a moving one. Postlethwaite's performance hits you in an unexpected way and you'd have to have a heart of stone to not be moved by it. Any success that the film enjoys now that's it's strictly on video, is likely to come from very strong word of mouth. I had been told how good it was and enjoyed it immensely. Now that I've seen it twice, and thus been twice moved, I wait for a reasonable time to pass so that I may watch and enjoy it again as I am bound to do.

Stuart K (ru) wrote: After the release of Naked Lunch (1991), David Cronenberg made a bit of a departure from the horrors that he normally did, by adapting David Henry Hwang's award winning play for the big screen. At the time, alot of critics attacked it for being a cheap cash-in on The Crying Game. Quite unfair, but look again, it's more Cronenbergian than what some people would lead you to believe. Set in Beijing in 1964, it has French Diplomat Ren Gallimard (Jeremy Irons), who becomes obsessed with a Chinese opera performer Song (John Lone), who is actually spying on Gallimard for the Chinese Government. But, Gallimard begins an affair with Song, although Song is actually a male, but Gallimard is willfully unaware of this. But, when Gallimard is promoted to the French Ambassador's intelligence division, the relationship gets more dangerous, and Gallimard even commits treason by telling secret information to Song, unaware that Song is passing it on, which eventually has dire consequences. It is a lesser film in Cronenberg's CV, his biggest departure since the racing film Fast Company (1979), and also his first film to be shot outside Canada. But, it is a rich, lavish film brilliantly designed, beautifully photographed and well acted. If this is a departure for Cronenberg, then A Dangerous Method (2011) looks to be one as well.

Brad G (gb) wrote: "What do I call you besides Stupid?" 60,000 dollars drops into the lap of a somewhat happily married couple and the next thing you know...well, this is noir so of course Lizabeth Scott's house frau ain't all sandwiches and laundry--she's a beast and her slick partnership with Dan Duryea's two-bit thug is all kinds wrongheadedness. The dialogue is whipsmart and the first half crackles with electric intensity, but the involvement of the snarky Don DeFore and sister Kristine Miller bogs the film down a bit and the climax leaves a little to be desired. Still, it's a solid entry in the genre and well worth checking out. VF.

Kevin N (nl) wrote: A fantastic comedy, and one of the best 'Road' pictures the duo made.

Jerry D (it) wrote: this is my favorite move

Well A (nl) wrote: Personagens que se pretendem engraados, mas acabam sendo apenas irritantes, piadas sem graa e animao mal-acabada soterram um bom elenco em dublagem inspirada.

Koserny W (ag) wrote: It's a propaganda movie. Pretty weak to add to that.

MF J (br) wrote: A solid sexy little thriller. well done, well acted & quite surprising. Nervous punch till the last final twist.