• Category:Documentary
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Dat1Phit
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Mostafa Rezvani
  • Writer:Tahareza Nayyerhoda, Mostafa Rezvani (screenplay)

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Uncontained torrent reviews

Sahil A (gb) wrote: an extremely distubing and thoughtful movie which really makes me feel ashamed of my religion.

Susanne d (br) wrote: Based on a true story which happens in second world war. The story is very touching. A german woman fights to get her jewish husband back. The man has been capture in the Rosenstrasse.

Ziyaad K (kr) wrote: Good movie, very under-rated. Very sad...

Lee M (fr) wrote: Though naive in certain respects, it's the understated charm of David and Lisa is what set the movie apart from so many other attempts at depicting the problems of the mentally ill.

The Master o (gb) wrote: Funny at times BUT what a very STUPID and SILLY movie.Eddie Murphy is great but his talent is wasted....

Ben W (us) wrote: After seeing this, I can see why both Siskel and Ebert marked this as one of the "Worst Films of 1992".