Und nächstes Jahr am Balaton

Und nächstes Jahr am Balaton


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JJ W (kr) wrote: An effective historical figure drama that doesn't really get bogged down with psychological complexities. While this may render the characters a little static, the progression of the movie creates a very engaging experience. It's a historic film that's very descriptive without spending too much time dwelling on one particular angle or subject. The dialogue is well written and the relationships are very compelling. Overall, some may feel that the film's focus may be shaky as it jumps around a lot. However, there is no doubt that Roenning and Sandberg crafted a movie that can stand on its own in the already overcrowded WWII film genre.

Mindy R (ru) wrote: Great, but not as hilarious as Notorious C.H.O.

Jason M (ru) wrote: Alert: Apart from there being a sexy woman in this movie, this movie sucks!

Sam S (us) wrote: Funny, but nothing really special.

God (jp) wrote: Uwe tells us to look at the films he did before his video game travesties. Well, I watched this one, and I'm pleased to say he was wrong, and that this is just as bad as the rest of his pathetic career's results.

Joel C (jp) wrote: I don't want to see this shitty movie

Erlinda L (de) wrote: i love this movie... my fave of all time...

John D (gb) wrote: One of Heston's more amiable, less histrionic performances.

Eric H (jp) wrote: Toolbox Murders is not so much a remake of its 1978 ancestor as it is a complete re-imaging. Yes there's a nail gun murder and a similar masked killer theme; but this time around we have an intriguing supernatural sheen, which makes the movie a tad more interesting. All in all this is well worth picking up. Gory (one guy gets his head sawed in half ala Intruder), suspenseful (the final stalking scenes are brilliant) and well watchable to boot, this is Hooper almost back to his best.

Stephen E (fr) wrote: Granted, the character that Peter Boyle is given in "Joe" is an interesting one, but the film simply doesn't do enough with him. We just watch as he exists and spouts racist and homophobic lines with none of it ever leading anywhere. Norman Wexler's script is decidedly good, but would've made for a better movie under someone else's direction.

Paul J (ag) wrote: A truly wonderful guilty pleasure. Cheesy, dated and with some ridiculous plot points. The innovative and groundbreaking concept is still unmatched today. Visually, the film is a true one-of-a-kind experience. The Matrix owes a thing or two from this Disney release.

Sebastian O (us) wrote: A beautifully directed and acted portrait of an aging married couple who are having doubts prior to their 45th wedding anniversary. Every subtlety of the film enhances its sense of realism, making one really believe that these characters not only exist, but in one way or another represent a bit of every aging couple in the world. Timeless.

Riplee (de) wrote: Not sure how I felt about this one. I didn't like the main actor's character...