Undead Pool

Undead Pool

The new girl at school helps the swim team battle their infected teachers and classmates.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:78 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   rape,   nurse,  

A girls' high school team is having a competition. Aki persuades her friend Sayaka to join the swimming team. However, a mysterious virus is spreading throughout the school. After Aki ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alec B (de) wrote: didnt get to finish it but it was interesting how they made fun of things like twilight

Matthew H (fr) wrote: Terrible film. Lousy acting, clumsy direction and the wrong tone for the story. Avoid.

Rachel M (es) wrote: it was very easy to predict the plot and like a fairy tale but it was a cute love story.

Elana M (nl) wrote: Persepolis was the first graphic novel and the first book I checked out of my college library. The film followed very closely to the book, giving insight to a rebel of revolution and Marjane's journey of self discovery. As somebody quite interested in the Iranian/Persian culture, I loved it!

Dervilla O (kr) wrote: " Time is free, but it's priceless. You can'town it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it, you can never get it back.? - Harvey MacKay" I just recenty watched "One Week", the Canadian movie on how a young man deals with the news of terminal cancer. "Le Temps Qui Reste" also deals with this same theme, a french young man diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, and how they deal with the news of their imminent demise. While some may find the arrangement with the couple in the coffee shop or the level of intimacy with his grandmother a little bit unreal, I thought the director dealt with this sensitive subject with finese and without undue force, which I liked. A known metaphor was the method of closing the movie. In both movies, the viewer too will be drawn in to do some soul searching - what would you do faced with similar news?

Kandy L (nl) wrote: I loved this movie. If you love David Duchovny and Robin Williams you will love this movie. I love this time period and the painful portral of overcoming your childhood and the decisions that our parents lead us to chose. It made me laugh and made me cry.

Teppy (us) wrote: disappointing but I can still watching it a million times.

Christina H (es) wrote: I couldn't even like this movie if I was strung out on Heroin, that's how bad it is.

Valencia C (kr) wrote: Yeah, this was a good movie, but then kinda boring at the same time.

Christal J (jp) wrote: One of the saddest movies I've ever seen. About the human race, animal testing, and how humans react to things without understanding the other side. Somewhat of a dark film, it should be more well known.

Mark H (ca) wrote: Its good but ends to soon, So many questions go unanswered, as soon as the characters start to go off the rails or hit a hard time they dont resolve, So many storylines so little time.

Frank D (nl) wrote: For me, this is in my top 5 favourite ever movies. The cast, the storyline, the tension, the photography is surreal, and no matter how many times I've watched this film, I will continue to do so. A classic thriller that is timeless and will forever be one of the best action films ever to be directed. A must watch!

Jonathan B (ru) wrote: Okay, this was a Lifetime made-for-tv movie, so I wasn't expecting AAA acting or screenwriting. For such an obviously limited budget, the movie works surprisingly well. The central premise is very interesting - something I'm quite interested in myself anyway, but as with all on-the-cheap movies, there are some glaring problems that could probably have been fixed with more money and more experienced filmakers at the helm. There is the old plot-device guy, who essentially appears out of the blue to warn Molly of Badness Afoot and basically explain a lot of what bad script-writing failed to do and Haylie Duff, whilst clearly doing her best here, just isn't much of a screen presence. Then theres the blandly handsome boyfriend/roomie - whom Molly sleeps with pretty much immediately for almost no reason but for another of those tired plot devices, The Lover In Trouble. Unnecessary and not very believable unless little Molly is some kind of nymphomaniac. Some parts were pretty disturbing, but only on an intellectually surface level and the whole time you can't quite shake the nagging notion of how much better this could have been if it had been a legitimate movie with a 100 million dollar budget. A nice little TV chiller, but don't expect a full cinema experience.

Jim D (ag) wrote: Not among my favorites, but this is another Marx Brother Classic.

Antonius B (jp) wrote: I'm not an expert on the silent era by any means, but I have to say, this seems like a must-see movie for those who are interested in this period of filmmaking. It includes the iconic moment of Harold Lloyd dangling from a clock face many stories off the ground, and also many wonderful sight gags and a cute story. We see Lloyd accidentally getting on a horse-drawn ice wagon instead of the train in the beginning, as he goes off to the city to earn enough money to get married to his sweetheart. We see him and his buddy putting their coats on, hanging themselves up on hooks, and pulling their legs up out of sight to avoid the landlady who is looking for rent in a brilliant scene. He gets a job as a salesman, and we see him handle a crowd of women all going berserk over a fabric sale in all sorts of inventive ways.The scenes of him climbing perilously up a building wall take place over the final 20 minutes of the film, and has him dodging nuts dumped out by a child, being mobbed by pigeons, being hit with a net from above and a giant wooden beam for the side before reaching the clock face. He then hangs from the clock hands in a scene that is both funny and thrilling, since you know it's real, and the framing of the scene is absolutely perfect. As he ascends he'll also dangle from a rope, have a mouse crawl up his leg, and walk precipitously on the edge of a couple of ledges. You're not going to be laughing out loud, but Lloyd is likeable and charming, and you will probably marvel at his inventiveness, as well as the danger in performing the climbing stunt, which he did himself for the most part, with nothing but a mattress a few stories below (off-screen) for safety. It was 'safety last' in the real sense as well! Definitely worth seeing if you get a chance.

Lucy K (br) wrote: I loved this movie. I first watch this movie when I was 6 and I just loved everything about it. Ann I'm not much older I'm in my early teens now and it still has a special place in my heart.

Mon K (fr) wrote: Great music, great cast and a great film!